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st bernard as a family dog?

hi firstly i am asking this question for my friend who has no internet access.

She has decided to buy a pup (having spent the last year or so thinking it through). She is thinking of a st bernard however just wonders if she could have some advice on how much they shed and drool and ways to reduce or maintain it.

also she has a 3 year old son is it true they are nanny dogs and are fantastic with children.

what are the good and bad points to owning one of these dogs

thanks really hope you can help her

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    awesome, friendly, goofy dogs ... super laid back ... but they are giant so expensive to feed ... their beautiful coats need maintenance ... did i mention they are giant ... but to put your arms around a big fluffy goofy dog like that has to make you smile ... they do drool a lot, so gotta be prepared for some drool :O) i am not sure on the shedding though

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    I was bit by a St Bernard a couple of years ago. My neighbors had a fence, but let the dog run around the neighborhood because they didn't want to have to clean up his messes in their yard. The dog thought the whole neighborhood was his. I had been walking past this dog since he was a puppy, yet when he was about a year old, he came after me and bit me. When I knocked on the door to tell the owners, she actually had the nerve to ask me to help catch him so she could put him up! I don't blame the dog, but I do blame the owners. The dog has not been properly trained. There is a high risk he will bite again. He will do major damage to a child simply due to his size and strength. Please keep the kids away, he could be getting jealous or territorial. It will take a while after neuturing before he calms down and hormone levels go down. He needs serious training or to be located where he can get more exercise and attention. Good Luck!

  • All St. Bernards need regular grooming to maintain all the shedding. If you ever find a St. Bernard that isn't drooling, it's one in a million. Drooling is a regular thing, but if your friend is okay with drool there shouldn't be a problem. They're sweet and gentle dogs.

    The downside is that this dog is huge! I can imagine it needing a lot of food. They live a short life compared with other breeds due to their size. Dysplasia is common because of all that weight. You also have to keep in mind that the huge St. Bernard might accidentally knock her son over and possibly hurt him. However, I highly doubt a St. Bernard would do this on purpose... but accidents happen!

    Here are some links for you to do research:

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    Hi there!

    For a 3 year old son I would recommend a smaller dog. St Bernard's are gentle giants and drool quite a lot actually. They shed and have to have a lot of walks, so if your friends not up for taking a St Bernard for a walk every morning then it's definitely a no no. These dogs have a lot of hair and do shed. A well-bred Saint Bernard is calm, sensible, and patient. Some are more outgoing, others more introspective.

    Adult Saint Bernards are calm and quiet indoors -- youngsters are boisterous -- but all Saint Bernards need space and deserve a roomy home with a spacious fenced yard in the suburbs or country. This breed needs daily exercise (whether he seems to want it or not) to stay fit, although long daily walks will do, along with regular opportunities to stretch out and lope around. He loves to romp in the snow, and pulling a cart or carrying a backpack gives him a purpose in life.

    Companionship is of prime importance to this sociable breed. Left alone too much, he becomes dispirited -- and destructive.

    Saint Bernards are generally relaxed and accepting of everyone, but because he is such a massive dog, he requires early, frequent excursions into the world so that he grows up to trust and respect people.

    Most Saint Bernards are fine with other animals when raised with them, but there is some dog aggression, which can be frightening to experience because of this breed's sheer bulk and power.

    Saints have an independent streak, but they are willing to please if you can establish consistent rules through motivational training methods that include praise and food rewards.

    Saint Bernards are hard to beat as droolers, slobberers, and loud contented snorers.

    If your friend doesn't want to deal with...

    A very bulky dog who takes up a lot of space in your house and car

    A heavy dog who wants to sit on your feet and lean his weight against your leg

    Rowdiness and exuberant jumping when young

    Loneliness and destructiveness when left alone too much

    Fearfulness or aggression in some lines, or when not socialized enough

    Some stubbornness and/or dominance problems, especially in males

    Heavy shedding

    Slobbering and drooling

    Potential for serious health problems and a short lifespan

    A Saint Bernard may not be right for your friend.

    If your friend wants a dog who...

    Is massive, heavy, and powerful, with a thick furry coat

    Is usually kind and steady-tempered with everyone

    Loves pulling carts and sleds and romping in cold weather

    Is responsive to training in a slow, good-natured way

    A Saint Bernard may be right for you.

    Hope i helped!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Tell your friend to really think about this before getting the pup. It's not the best dog to have for a first time dog owner. They are a lot of hard work. Money you will be spending about £100 or more on money a week for the dog. Drooling, well the whole house will be covered, sheding every where. If she's house proud then forget about getting that dog. My sis is and my god, trying to make the house clean every where her poor dog goes. She's really really got to think about it.

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    The best way for your friend to find out if the St Bernard is the breed for her is for her to contact the St Bernard breed club who will be able to put her in touch with reputable local breeders who will be happy for her to meet some "in the flesh" and answer any questions or concerns she may have.

  • Anonymous
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    This may be kinda gross, but it is a worthy point to consider-a St Bernard is a big dog and will leave MASSIVE turds when it goes-your friend has a kid, so that kind of stuff probably doesnt faze her, but I've seen what a 110 pound lab can do, so I can only imagine what a St Bernard would be able too.... Might be something to think about.....

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The people saying that it takes 100 pounds per week to feed a saint bernard is complete ******* shite as i have had two saints. It takes a maximum of 70-80 pounds a month not a week a MONTH to feed a saint with the right royal canine food!!

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    My friend has a st bernard and she has a big family!

    He's so sweet and daft, and his mum was telling us how he whines when he needs the toilet and sleeps in their room every night to make sure they're okay.

    He's a lovely dog, and really gentle, that's all i can say

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    There are better dogs than Saints as family / kid dogs. A friend of mine bought a pure-bred from a reputable breeder as a mascot (and family pet) for his music school - yes his name was Louis (as in ludwig van beethoven).

    When he moved house we scrubbed drool out of unseen corners - it was gross.

    And that particular dog Hated kids!

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