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What are U.S.A's strategic interests in Pakistan?

I was really thinking about this as Pakistan being one of the most unstable countries in the world and being a nuclear powered country is termed as U.S.A's biggest ally.

The U.S funds Pakistan with billions of dollars which Pakistan uses for it's own evil purposes...which includes destabilizing India and I find it hard to believe that the U.S does not know this fact.

I would really like to know what are U.S.A's strategic interests in Pakistan so I can understand the whole scenario.

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    Pakistan has nuclear weapons and pakistan has the Taliban as well.

    It is better to pay for a peaceful government to us despite their hatred for India or is better to pay fees to a hostile government to us and India at the same time.

    At least while we are on friendly terms with Pakistan and India we can try to be mediators to squabbles that arise.

    Should we lose that ability then we risk a whole new scenario of terrorism abroad.

    The U.S. has enough Arab enemies as is now. The world cannot afford more of them despite the fact India is far from pleased with our association with them.

    Besides India is far from innocent in all this either from what I understand as they allow for many to suffer at their governments insistence on allowing for Christianity to be a target for aggressive Hindu's and Muslim's who aim to force by death if necessary conversions of ones faith.

    A unstable country is like a two minded man. Unstable in all ways.

    Both Pakistan and India fit the term of of "Suicidal countries" with the capacity to bring the world to it's knees with atomic death.

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    If you know the concept of Balance of Power in international politics, you will get the answer to your question. First thing you should remember is that American foreign policy has always been very deceptive, self centered. In international balance of power Asia Region is of vital importance as it comprises of countries like India, China,Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. Till USSR was there India tilted towards Soviet Russia, hence America needed a democratic country in Asia Region to counter balance India's growing influence, its military power & its economic growth. Outwardly America was keeping friendly relations with India but decided to support India's traditional enemy Pakistan. All financial aid & military aid going to Pakistan from America is with the sole purpose of countering India's growing strength & maintaining traditional enmity between India & Pakistan.

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    usa funds pakistan indeed to destroy india. Both pakistan and usa are terrorist countries to india and world. one country gets money to train its people to kill innocent people from the enemy countries, the other country is worse, its behaves as a friend but actually is a backstabbing bastard and secretly tries to destroy u. Both of the countries are threat to the world peace.

    Source(s): It might suprise you to know that usa knows that pak uses their fund to attack india through pak army, through ISI, but it still has a sympathy towards the pakistani govt. Strange isn't it?
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    We need peace of some stable kind between Pakistan and India.

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    You might want to put this in the Politics section; what I know about global strategy would fit in a thimble.

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    Paki girls are very beautiful and American government want stake in them.

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    for a peace.......

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