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MS in Cybersecurity, is this a good path?

I was a cyber intelligence analyst for a private company for 9 months before I was laid off. Now, I'm wondering if this degree from University of Maryland University College is actually worthwhile. What do you think?

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    Over all it looks like a lot of decent coursework. Is this entirely online? If it is you may want to look at WGU ( They are generally a little cheaper, and their security stuff is NSA approved. You best bet is just to do some web searching on UMUC and see the reviews other students write about it. Take it with a grain of salt, because you are always going to have someone that's not happy, but you'll get an overall view of the student opinion.

    With a background like yours, you should be able to find work. Have you looked at public sector? DHS is hiring a lot of security oriented jobs. I'm sure the FBI, CIA, and NSA will have needs for your particular skill set as well.

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