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Alan asked in 科學及數學地理學 · 1 decade ago

描述解釋熱帶雨林的養分循環! 20點!!!

Help me!!



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nutrient cycle in TRF:

    -rapid and continuous

    -high annual turnovers

    a) Biomass:

    -hot and wet climate

    -lush vegetation growth

    -huge storage of nutrients

    -store mainly in vegetation

    -uptake lots of nutrients from soil due to lush vegetation

    -transfer little nutrients to litter by leaf fall because trees are evergreen

    b) Litter:

    -hot and wet climate

    -rapid decomposition and leaching

    -low nutrient storage

    -little surface litter accumulation

    -receive many nutrients from rainfall and leaf fall due to heavy rainfall

    -little nutrients loss by runoff due to high infiltration rate

    -transfer many nutrients to soil by decomposition

    c) Soil:

    -intense and prolonged weathering +active leaching

    -base are totally removed

    -hot and wet climate speed up nutrient transfer

    -low storage capacity for nutrients

    -receive many nutrients from weathering and decomposition

    -much nutrient loss by leaching and uptake by plants

    Source(s): me
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