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URGENT : phrasal verb n tense

我想知道tense and the phrasal的組合對不對,plz give me the ans if incorrect and plz also explain


Take over : 接管

Pull over :stop

Pull in : (of a train) to enter a station and stop

Hand over : pass/侈交

Bring in : to make or earn a particular amount of money/參與

Give in

(A)1OK. I give in. How do you work this digital camera?

(A)2My part-time job at the cinema only brings in about $100 a week.

(A)3He hands over the cord to Ann.

(A)4He took over the company when his uncle died.

(A)5My part-time job at the cinema only brings in about $100 a week.

(A)6He pulled over to the side of the road to see where the light was coming from

(A)7We got to the station just as the train pulled in.


Fall through : failed泡影

Look through : look at quickly

Go through : experienced經歷/examine in detail/accepted by

(B)1Sue had gone through a painful time when she got fired.

(B)2Their plans for opening a new branch felt through due to lack of money.

(B)3Why don’t you look through/go through the local paper for a vacancy?


我想confirm由A1 to A7 and B1 to B3 所填的phrasal verb and tense 對不對, 如不對, 請給正確答案.

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    -Take over

    To assume management or possession of or responsibility for (ur explanation)

    --Pull over

    Move out of a line of traffic

    You explanation is wrong

    --Pull in

    To reach a place (ur explanation)

    To tighten

    --Hand over

    To deliver into the custody of another

    To surrender control of

    You explanation is wrong

    --Bring in

    To yield, as profits or income

    To submit

    To cause to operate or yield

    Your explanation is wrong

    --Give in

    to acknowledge defeat; yield.

    b. to hand in; deliver

    --Look through

    no such phrasal verb

    --Go thorugh

    To experience (ur explanation)

    To examine or search carefully

    To be successful

    To use up

    It should not be asked why the explanation is wrong because the explanation corresonding to the phrase is determined by ancestors

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    如give in = to acknowledge defeat

    OK. I give in. How do you work this digital camera

    好。我讓步 = 不再堅持自己懂怎用這部數碼相機...

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    其實gracomtey給你的答案已不錯, 我只想在此免點數的給你補充一些資料:

    (A)Pull over--------'stop' is only partially correct as its true meaning is to move a car or vehicle to a specific place such as a road shoulder or curb so as not to obstruct the traffic.

    (A) Bring in--------apart from meaning to yield, to produce, it also means to

    submit,e.g., ' The jury brought in their verdict.' and to recommend or to introduce, e.g.' He brought in three new members last year.'.

    (B)Go through-------Apart from other meanings, it is synonymous to' look

    through ' , meaning someone looks all over the things carefully for what he wants.

    (B)Look through-------it doesn't mean to look at quickly as the way you put

    it ; it means(1) to look all over the things to find what he wants.(2) to read.

    (3) to look at someone or somthing in such a manner as if you don't see

    him or it at all for some reason.

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