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I am feeling tired

Oh! Life is broken

All I see ahead is horizontal

The plan is back fire

The most damn here

Who is the one to hold my hands?

Who is the one that really cares?

Oh! Somebody feel my tears

Somebody share my fears

Oh! I have been running around but sissies

And getting more and more exhausted,

All by myself if I were every time

I want to cut myself into pieces

I have been running around but sissies

And probably born in the roans and mission

I ask my self if I could ever choose

I want to live my life like I have never live before

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    I'm feeling tired, my life is broken

    all i see ahead is horizontal

    my plans backfired, almost i didn't hear

    who's the one to old my hands

    who's the one that really cares

    somebody feel my tears

    some body share my fears

    i've been running around with scissors

    i'm getting more and more exhausted

    all by myself if i would ever die

    i wanna cut myself into pieces

    i've been running around with scissors

    i'm probably born in the wrong dimension

    i asked myself if i could ever chose

    i wanna live my life like i've never lived before


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