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prince of wales急急急 !!

我要prince of wales的資料




我要國中程度OK的 -/-

只要介紹一些關於他出生 父母 學業 等等等



英文句子只要20句就 OK了

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    Prince of Wales

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    For the current holder of the title Prince of Wales, see Charles, Prince of Wales.



    HRH The Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales

    Prince of Wales (Welsh: Tywysog Cymru) is a title traditionally granted to the Heir Apparent to the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and formerly the Kingdom of Great Britain and before that the Kingdom of England) and the fifteen other independent Commonwealth realms in personal union with the Crown of the United Kingdom. The current Prince of Wales is Prince Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.


    1 Roles and responsibilities2 History3 Heraldic insignia4 Other titles and investiture5 "Heir Apparent" vs. "Heir Presumptive"6 List of Princes of Wales

    6.1 Prince of Wales as independent title6.2 Prince of Wales as title of English Heir-apparent7 References8 See also9 External links

    [edit] Roles and responsibilities

    The Prince of Wales currently has no formal public role or responsibility that has been legislated by Parliament or otherwise delegated by the Monarchy. Charles, as the Prince of Wales, is the present Duke of Cornwall, responsible for the duchy of Cornwall.

    [edit] History

    For most of the post-Roman period, Wales was divided into several smaller states. Before the Norman conquest of England, the most powerful Welsh ruler at any given time was generally known as King of the Britons. In the 12th century and the 13th century, this title evolved into Prince of Wales.[citation needed] In Latin, the new title was "Princeps Wallie", and in Welsh it was "Tywysog Cymru". The literal translation of "Tywysog" is "Leader". (The verb tywys means to lead, which shares a common root with the modern Irish for prime minister, the Taoiseach.)



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