Should there be a comma here?

Please don't comment on the subject of the sentence(politics is for another board). Just tell me if there should be a comma between freedoms and while? I am writing this for a Facebook group I am starting.

"For people who are sick and tired of the Obama Administration, their loyal Democrat-controlled Congress, and their trouncing on our personal and financial freedoms while being more concerned about the rights of non-citizens illegally in our country."

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  • 10 years ago
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    No, there should not be a comma. You are sick and tired of three things: 1) The administration [comma] 2) their Congress [comma] and 3) their trouncing...while being... [full stop/end of list].

    @ Goodnightmum: The clause "while being..." is subordinate to "their trouncing" which is why I don't want a comma there. The commas are separating items in a list, and the subclause beginning with 'while being' is subordinate and essential to 'their trouncing', and thus not part of the main list.

    Source(s): My excellent language skills :-p and my English grammar book
  • 10 years ago

    LOL, sorry Wilma, I disagree.

    I'd write a comma there, to separate the new clause from the rest of the sentence.

    I suppose it makes no difference, though. If someone can't see the benefits of finally having a first world healthcare, I suppose they won't be bothered by a comma.

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