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MBA in UK without work experience?


can you please name the colleges in uk that do not require work experience as a major criteria for students applying for a MBA program?

im currently in my final year BSc IT and want to commence with MBA immediately after my graduation.

please help

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    I am warning you- DO NOT DO THAT.

    Any outstanding, good, average university require at least 2-5 years work experience for MBA program.

    In UK if you want to do MBA most of the good universities require undergraduate degree from UK and I also think they require subjects like economics, accounts , management to be studied in your bachelors degree. There are some below average and just average universities who might accept you on your present qualification but you might get a average/below average job prospectus as your qualification is average/below average. UK is going from economical crisis and if you want to work after your studies you might not get a work permit or job because of your not-so-good qualification.

    Do not depend upon ANY OVERSEAS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS. They will put you in any university/college possible EVEN IF IT IS REALLY BAD UNI/COLL because they get paid for that from you or from that particular university/college. believe me they are really good at convincing.

    Your best option is to go for Master of science degree and if you are looking for job after studies mostly look for Canada.

    Best of luck.

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    It relies upon on the institutes you go with. MBA IN uk- undertaking-unfastened information application- Pre MBA+MB /MBA .length- 3monthsPre MBA+twelve months MBA OR twelve months MBA instructions value FOR Pre-MBA £1500 nad for MBA - £8250 lodging and residing fee (food, transport, entertainment etc) - £6000 IELTS -6 with or with out paintings journey e mail your CV greater information

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    There are many colleges.

    Contact good overseas education agent in your city.

    Good Luck.

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