What church is St Paul referring to in I Timothy Chap 3 verse 15?

St Paul refers to "the church of the living God" as the "foundation and pillar of truth" I wanna know what church anybody thinks St Paul is referring to, keep in mind that this was written around the year 60AD almost 1500 years before Martin Luther was even born...

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    He was refering to the Roman Catholic Church founded by our Lord and God Jesus Christ on Saint Peter

    Yors truly in Christ

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    besides to the different posters: The previous testomony, The Septuagint [translated from Hebrew to Greek someplace 250 BC] grow to be in positioned on the instantaneous, used even previously Jesus' time. the recent testomony grow to be written 35-100 ad and translated to latin by utilizing St Jerome, each each now and then 400 ad. it remains on parchments and browse in the church, or preached orally. So, there is not any NEW TESTAMENTS IN A e book/BIBLE variety on the instantaneous compiled with Septuagint.' Bible on my own' idea isn't in existence on the instantaneous as there is not any e book to call bible. It grow to be using Oral custom up until eventually 1400 at the same time as the 'compiled e book variety bible' finally hit the printing press. In different words, it took the Catholic Church about 400 years of amassing, enhancing, and sorting the historic manuscripts and were given revealed in 1400. there have been also a tremendous style of uninspired writings [apocryphal books] that were floating round that were no longer cannonized.

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    Paul was referring to the collective body of Christians, not the Roman Catholic Church.

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    The church is the community of believers in the Messiah. No denomination necessary. The Greek word ekklesia didn't suddenly appear in the NT. It's all throughout the Greek Septuagint. Those who lived before the Messiah's incarnation and atonement sacrifice were in the Church just as much as those who lived after it.

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    Catholic Church the one founded by Christ.

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    We are the church? Keep reading. Intently.

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    It's the church that Jesus founded. Today, it's made up of those that are His in many different fellowships.

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    If I remember the context right, this is where most Catholics and Protestants part ways. Catholics will read this and interpret it to be speaking of their denomination. Protestants will (mostly) interpret this to encompass all of the saved.

    Source(s): Former Christian who used to care and had a looong debate with a Catholic. ;-)
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