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I need more guy help.?

So, I like this guy, lets call him J.

The big end of year 8th grade dance is coming up and I would really like to go with J.

BUT theres another girl, lets call her C. C has already asked J but he has not answered.

There is also another girl who is planning to ask him out SOON, lets call her X, because I have no idea who she is and my informant wont tell me.

So, because I have no idea who X is, I have no idea what I'm competing with and its making me really nervous.

So I asked Js' friend N, to find out, but N is smart, and is telling J that I like him, and now I dont know what to do, or how to blow it off if people make comments or how to deal with the fact that J sits right next to me, and will probably find out by the time we get to that class because its right after lunch and that's when people tell people stuff!!!


I only said informant cu i coulnt think of any other word to use, other than information finder-out-er, which sounds strange.

Update 2:

And btw, im not so good with asking guys out.

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    You know what will get J? You go right up to him and tell him you're taking him to the dance and thats final. Stop all this nonsense with informants and code languages. Its the 8th grade dance not a plot to take over the island of Fiji which if you want to join my team when we do just let me know. Of course, if J decides hes against the whole idea then you just takes N.

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    Stop fretting. Let things play out and just stay calm... or hyperactive, however you normally act. If J doesn't like you, then its probably for the better. A bad relationship can be worse than being single... Although rarely for me lol I'm a loner though... Anywho, if J doesn't like you and acts like a jerk about it, shove it in his face and scoff at him when he implies that you like him. If J doesn't bring up the topic, find a way to ask him to the dance. If he asks you or brings it up and implies he likes you, all the better :)

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    Ask him as soon as possible cuz it's only gonna get stranger and more complicated for you if you wait.

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    Uhm, I say ask him and dont worry about anyone else. Just dont worry about anything. If it works it works if it doesnt it doesnt.

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    just get it out of the way, he already knows. tell him how you feel, you'll feel better about it even if things don't work out. plus, you won't feel so awkward when you're near him.

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    Get to J first :)

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