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Best electronic drum set?

I'm torn between Alesis DM10 Studio ( and Roland TD-4S ( although the Alesis looks amazing at sight for it's price, after further researching, I realized that the pads are very cheap, sold individually for only $100. Cheap rubber pads are the same price.

I know I could always just get the Roland kit and throw on an extra cymbal, but if that Alesis kit is any good it would be a shame to turn it down. This would be my first kit and I decided that my most expensive kit I would buy would be $1000 not including hardware. I'm only in High School so that's a lot. Which one should I buy?

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    i have a soundx basic electric drum kit. it does me good for what i need it for because drumming is just a hobby. but i do learn drums, and my drum teacher has a really good expensive electronic kit. im not sure what brand it is but it comes with your basic cymbals and drums. the drum skins are made from a special soft meshy kind of material so its like your hitting a real drum kit and it has sensitivity pads so it will make different sounds depending on where and how hard you hit the drums. It also has pads on the cymbals so if you put your hand over it the sound would stop just like on a normal accoustic kit. It also has a double kick if you play metal but you can take the second kick off. and it has a built in recorder/play back so you can temporarilly record yourself then play it back. It also has a speed timer and metronome so you can practise staying in time and it has other cool extras too but i wont go into it all.

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