Are vaccines safe . . .... ..?

is there still controversey over autism and the MMR injection ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The vast majority of scientists who have investigated the problem assert that there is no plausible link of autism to the MMR vaccine. The Lancet, the journal that first published an article claiming causation, later retracted it, claiming poor methodology and a conflict of interest between author and another party.

    Vaccines are very safe and very effective, but not 100%.

    The smallpox story reflects events in 1776, not in 2010.

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    There is no actual proof that MMR vaccine has anything to do with autism and there never was. There was one study that originally suggested it, which of course spurred controversy. It was since found that the study and several others were biased and results were slightly altered. To date no properly conducted study has found any association between MMR and autism.

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    During the revolutionary war George Washington once had his soldiers take the puss from the small pox boils of the other soldiers and scrape it along open wounds in order for them to grow a tolerance for it.

    Before: One out of four soldiers would die from the virus.

    After: One out of Ten would die.

    Source(s): "The History of US" History Channel documentary of The creation of what is now the United States of America.
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    It's actually ridiculous when people say vaccines aren't safe. Certain virus' that were killing people are now nearly eliminated in a lot of wealthy parts of the world that can afford vaccines.

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