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lebanon and it's languages?

ok so i need to know the languages of lebanon and what percentage of lebanon speaks which language. i have been looking for a really long time and cannot find this information anywhere. please help! thanks!



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    Lebanon is a Francophone country, thus it has two official languages : Arabic and French.

    The French influence has declined a lot during recent years though.

    We Lebanese speak our own dialect of Arabic slang. It has similar characteristics to the Levant slang but also has a very distinctive pronunciation and phonetics. The Lebanese dialect is smooth, musical, simple, and easier to learn than colloquial Arabic.

    Most Lebanese people are bi or even tri lingual. English and French are both spoken fluently all over Lebanon. Many Lebanese people speak other languages like Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, because of the huge Lebanese diaspora around the world. Don't be surprised if you saw Lebanese speaking some African languages as well.

    The Lebanese of Armenian origin have their own language, Armenian, but they also know Arabic and English/French.

    There is a very small Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac/Jewish minority. They have preserved their ancient languages but they are are of negligible numbers and have melted into the Lebanese social fiber. Arabic is their main language with French as a second.

    Edit : Ok you don't have to yell ...

    Arabic 99%

    English 70%

    French 30%

    Armenian 10%

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    1) arabic 2) english 3) husband's language First I would definitely teach them arabic even if for some reason my husband didn't speak it, it's still a big part of my upbringing and I really wouldn't want my children to lose that arabic culture. english I would teach as the second language because english is already well know in many parts of the world so learning it wouldn't be hard at all especially as children have an amazing knak for picking up languages at a young age. Then, if for example I lived in Spain, I would teach them Spanish and of course my husband's native tongue, but I don't think that will be an issue as I plan on marrying an arab anyway =)

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    arabic: 100%

    french: 80%

    english: 70%

    armenian: 5%

    (I know they don't add up to 100. That's because most people speak more than one language)

    I don't know where the others got their percentages but most people who can only speak one foreign language know: arabic and french not arabic and english so i believe more people speak french than english. Most people are french educated!

    Btw none of the percentages we are giving you is correct. We're just estimating...No statistics have ever been conducted about the languages spoken in Lebanon!

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    It Languages

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    Arabic -Levantine ,very close to what is being spoken in Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Israeli with variant flairs and accents.

    Many Armenians still speaks bad Arabic despite being in the Levant for a very long time

    Jews in Levant Arab areas all speaks Arabic, anyone who claimed other wise is an *&$#@*@!

    At some delusional state some speak "Phoenician" , very depressive really :p

    Basically 100 percent speaks Arabic and some minorities preserved their dying language

    French was the dominant European language but English are spreading really fast, mummy french will be kick unto abyss really soon...

    Source(s): Dear Snoopy, One day your strong teeth will crumble
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    IN ORDER; Arabic, French, English, Armenian

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    arabic, english and french

    60% speak english and 40% french as far as i know

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