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EmCee asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 10 years ago

What do you think of my family's names?

My mother:Michele Marie

My father:Patrick Carlyle

My older sister:Michaela Meghan

My older brother:Kyle Patrick

Me:Eisha(E-Sha) Marchelle Edaline

My Grandmother:Iva May

My Grandfather:Jan Van(No joke!)

My Aunt:Vonda Kay

My Uncle:Patrick Harold

My Aunt:Lisa Margret

My Grandmother:Donna Lynn

My Grandfather:Richard John

My Uncle:Timothy John

My other Uncle:Joel Matthew

My Aunt:Victoria Elizabeth

My cousin:Joshua James

My cousin:Amber Nicole

My cousin:Richard Cary

My cousin:Rachel Marie

My cousin:Sean Patrick

My cousin:Sarah Katherine Reese

My cousin:Nicholas Michael

My cousin:Lucas Michael

My cousins(Twins,B/G):Greyson Kade and Ava Deborah

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    My mother:Michele Marie -- LOVE

    My father:Patrick Carlyle -LIKE

    My older sister:Michaela Meghan -- MEH

    My older brother:Kyle Patrick -- MEH

    Me:Eisha(E-Sha) Marchelle Edaline LIKE

    My Grandmother:Iva May -- LIKE

    My Grandfather:Jan Van(No joke!) -- MEH

    My Aunt:Vonda Kay -- ICK

    My Uncle:Patrick Harold -- LIKE

    My Aunt:Lisa Margret -- MEH

    My Grandmother:Donna Lynn -- LIKE

    My Grandfather:Richard John -- LIKE

    My Uncle:Timothy John -- OK

    My other Uncle:Joel Matthew -- LOVE

    My Aunt:Victoria Elizabeth -- LIKE

    My cousin:Joshua James -- LOVE (love JJ as a nickname)

    My cousin:Amber Nicole -- LIKE

    My cousin:Richard Cary -- OK

    My cousin:Rachel Marie -- MEH

    My cousin:Sean Patrick -- MEH

    My cousin:Sarah Katherine Reese -- MEH

    My cousin:Nicholas Michael -- LOVE

    My cousin:Lucas Michael -- LIKE

    My cousins(Twins,B/G):Greyson Kade and Ava Deborah -- LIKE Greyson Kade LOVE Ava Deborah

  • Bunnee
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    10 years ago

    Most of the names are fine and I like them. However, sorry but yours is not one of my favs at all. Don't care for Iva May or Vonda, Greyson Kade or Ava Deborah.

    Luv Rachel Marie, Sarah Katherine, Lucas Michael and Joshua James.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Michele Marie is pretty. I love the name Victoria Elizabeth. I also really like Nicholas Michael.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Extremely cool! My favorites are Vonda Kay and Victoria Elizabeth.

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