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What to wear? middle school dance?

Hi, I'm a guy and I have 2 last dances for grade 8 coming up.

1 of the dances is just as any other ordinary dance (not sure if formal),

the other is dress up but not formal, they say not to wear jeans.

I haven't gone to any dance before, but have been to many sock hops.

What do I wear for both dances? Also how should I arrive at the dance? By myself, with another friend, or with a date?


I'm a -GUY-, saying this again because I see someone talking about what a girl should wear.

Update 2:

what kind of pants should i wear besides jeans? i will if theres nothing else, but i don't really like khakis.

Update 3:

1 more thing. can i just wear normal shoes or should i wear something special?

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    Well, my best GUYfriend came to a dance with plaid knee high shorts, a t-shirt with 'Nike' on it, and Red Nike's. :)

    That was really cute, and his hair was flipped.

    That was the casual dance.

    For the last dance, which was the formal, he asked me to go and I said yes. [of course]

    He wore his hair slicked back, a white long-sleeved button down, tuxedo pants, and black tuxedo shoes.

    He also wore a black and white checkered tie.

    I wore a white strapless dress.

    And BTW, if you can go with a girl to either dances, that would be greeeeaaatttt.

    Everyone wants to have a date, even if its a casual dance.

    So I say go for ittttt[:

    And you don't have to impress anybody by arriving in a limo.

    Just arrive in a car, if you have a girlfriend, then go with her, and act normal.

    But, if you don't have a date, just bring a friend, or have your mom drive you alone.

    Hope I helped! :)

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    You should wear black skinny jeans (even though they said no jeans) haha..then wear a button up shirt and a tie with a key color like blue, green, etc. Then wear vans the same color as the tie. It would be great!!! Then arrive with a friend. That makes it more fun..lol.

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    -Pants: I suggest one of those black dress pants. Slacks, or whatsoever.

    -For your shirt: Wear a button up dress shirt. Make sure its not too small (otherwise you'll look kiddy and weird), and make sure its not TOO big like ' tall tees ' .

    -Yes, you can wear normal shoes. It looks attractive with Vans, or converse, but whatever you prefer.

    -You don't have to go with a girl, but it'll be cute if you do (As in you guys can match?). You could just simply go with a group of friends.

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    I would just say khakis and nice shirt.

    And I think you should arrive with a group of friends. I've done that many times, and I find it the best way.

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    whatever you want, without holes, and dont sput laxatives in anyones drink, thats how my friend got kicked out of ours

    as for formal, a pitch black jacket, a white shirt, and pack a tie just in case

  • Ro
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    try wearing a white or pastel colored dress shirt (no tie) and a black blazer with black trousers. plus a blazer is a formal jacket. make the girls melt, kay?

  • Marie
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    4 years ago

    you could wear a cute floral top and skinny jeans with ballet style flats. that is something cute but not too fancy. you can try looking in department stores...or the mall

  • Macs31
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    10 years ago

    10" heels and a dress

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