Is it shameful to use the thousands of New Orleans deaths to pretend that miserable response has been matched?

The right-wing taking points are full of it - no snowstorm, oil leak, forest fire, or smaller flood will ever match the destruction of one of Americas 50 largest cities.

None of these events passed by without Presidential attention for 5 DAYS like Katrina.


"""President Bush somehow missed the significance of what was happening on the Gulf Coast last week as he and his political guru, Karl Rove, flitted between Texas and California and, finally, Washington," Dan Froomkin wrote in the September 6, 2005, Washington Post. "But now, facing what is clearly a full-scale political disaster, Rove and a handful of other masterful political operatives have gone into overdrive. They are back in campaign mode."

While "Grover Norquist, the conservative activist with close ties to Karl Rove, blamed the chaos [in New Orleans] on 'looting in a Democratic city run by a Democratic mayor and a Democratic governor'," according to the September 12, 2005 (issue) of Newsweek, "Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican, dismissed criticisms of the federal relief and rescue efforts. ... 'That's all cooked up by the news media and a few enemies of George Bush,' Barbour" said September 6, 2005.""

Update 5:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Nearly six months after Hurricane Katrina, more than 1,300 bodies have been found, but the real death toll is clearly higher. How much higher, no one can say with any certainty.

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    The Republican party of No are a bunch of whiners. Obama could cure cancer, personally find an unlimited fuel source, balance the budget, and give every American a $100,000 a year raise and the Republican whiners would still do what they do best.....whine, complain, and be basically useless.

  • Bryan
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    1 decade ago

    First your numbers are wrong there were not thousands of deaths. The death toll in Louisiana was 1577, not thousands. Second Bush was lobbying for federal action immediately. However without a direct request from the state level he was pretty powerless to act. As usual your perceptions are clouded by the typical liberal talking point mentality, but even worse is that liberals just cannot ever wait to show the absolute depth of their hypocrisy as they criticize the opposition while giving a pass to their own chosen side. It is just pathetic. Either apply standards equally to all, or rightfully be deemed an ignorant hypocrite.

    Edit You Post "Nearly six months after Hurricane Katrina, more than 1,300 bodies have been found, but the real death toll is clearly higher. How much higher, no one can say with any certainty."

    I realize this type of supposition passes for fact in the liberal world, but in the real world it is called unsupported speculation. Especially since we do not know how many people left New Orleans and chose not to go back thereby causing many of them to undoubedly be lumped in with the missing. You and the AP can presume them to be dead, but others can just as easily presume them to be alive. Especially in absence of underlying fact to cement such a conclusion.

    Just for the record the number was higher. The accepted estimate is 1577, but it is still not thousands.

  • Rayne
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    1 decade ago

    Your ignorance of how things work is "shameful"...But, it doesn't change the facts, no matter how the left tries to twist them

    2 Democrats caused the delayed response after Katrina hit

    The chain of command for major disasters goes like this:

    Mayor (Ray Nagin-DEMOCRAT) : It's the mayor's responsibility to assess the situation and act first, utilizing the police force, and other city agencies...Usually taking on the responsibilty of taking preventative measures...Levies should have been reinforced, cities evacuated (mandatorially), power stations shut down to avoid fires, electrocution, and more potential damage, etcetera...No preventative measures were taken in this case....SO, then it would be the mayor's responsibility to act AFTER the fact, helping to evacuate people, securing the city, etcetera...

    When the task is too much for the mayor to handle, which it CLEARLY was...The mayor then has to turn over the job to the...

    Governor (Kathleen Blanco-DEMOCRAT) : The governor, once contacted by the mayor, would then have the SAME responsibilities as the mayor (before or after the disaster, depending on when he/she was contacted by the mayor)...But, the governor would have much more power and assistance (state agencies) at his/her disposal to do a more effective job...The governor failed to act appropriately, or she was simply contacted too late to be of much use...

    If the governor cannot properly handle the situation...He/She then has to request help from the...

    President/Government: The president is unable (by restriction of law, and the 'chain of command') to respond to a situation unless and until assistance is requested from the governor...His hands are tied, until a formal request is made...In this case, that request took way too long, and seriously delayed action...

    Once the President/Government's assistance IS finally requested, the president has EVERY agency at his disposal...Including the military and FEMA, among others....In this case, FEMA was overwhelmed with the responsibility of handling the task, their 'assistance' was woefully inadequate...And again, much too little, much too late

    The ONLY thing that the President CAN do without a request, is declare an area as a 'natural disaster' which is necessary to achieve funding for, and acquire assistance (including the military, FEMA, etcetera) for the area....In THIS case...Bush declared the area as a natural disaster BEFORE the hurricane even hit, so that when the time came (when the request for assistance came from the governor), everything would be ready to send out forces, and try to do as much as possible as soon as possible...But, he still had to wait for that request from the governor before he could act...That HAD to be frustrating

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you understand that Bush could not take action on Katrina until the Governor asked for it? It was the Governor's inaction that was the reason for the delay in federal response. Bush called Louisiana's Governor Blanco the day before Katrina hit to encourage her to order mandatory evacuations of New Orleans...and she failed to do so. There were many failures at the local and state level so by the time the federal government became involved, the entire state was already so far into the crisis.

    EDIT: So you add comments from a liberal blog to support your claim? Rather than look at facts? Comments from a blog are not facts. But I guess that is to be expected from the loony left.

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  • Scott
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    1 decade ago

    No one wants to mention that the Democrat Governor of LA should have mandatory evaced the people then they wouldn't have been there in the first place. Also with all of the levees breaking and causing the flooding to continually grow worse over the first few days after the Hurricane made rescue efforts all but impossible.

  • righty
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    1 decade ago

    oh sweetie, you need to do some research. President Obama waited 8 DAYS to do something about the oil spill. Bush could have done nothing about the Katrina victims considering they were asked to evacuate days before the hurricane hit. The residents were just too stubborn to do anything and stayed in their houses.

    try to read a little more than one source ok? its ok.. i dont blame you, you are from the left, cant expect that much from you ;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You left wing animal activists who hold the lives of animals above humans ought to be outraged at the thousands if not millions of sea creatures that are dying because of the oil oil spill that could have easily been contained or even prevented had the federal government done its job as a regulator correctly.

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    Blanco and Nagin are the people responsible for that fiasco. President Bush had contacted both in the days before landfall, and they said they had everything under control. Remember the flooded parking lots full of buses?

  • The biggest environmental disaster in decades and you call that a small thing? The livelihoods of people on the Gulf will be destroyed for a generation and you think that's a small thing? You can rebuild your house after a hurricane but you can't make the shrimp grow faster.

  • spanky
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    1 decade ago

    The governor sat on her hands and did not ask for help and the mayor let 300 school bus' sit in parking lots under 8 feet of water...what part of this do you not understand...this was a state and city failure.

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