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How to leave the roaches behind?

We are finally moving out of this disgusting apartment. We're clean people, but that does nothing to deter the nasty roaches from taking over our home. So anyway, we're moving to a new apartment, with no roaches, and an office staff that actually pays there bill to the exterminator, who comes out twice a month for preventative measures. Anyway. I am so afraid of taking roaches with us. They breed like crazy, so even if we just take a couple, they'll multiply into thousands very quickly. Nothing keeps the roaches out of our house, even for a day or so, so I dont see how we're going to move without bringing them. I can't bomb my new place when we move in, because thats really rude to do to your neighbors, cause all the roaches will go to their homes. Is there anything that I can do to insure that the roaches stay behind?

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    Try going to Ace Hardware, Menard's or some place like that and purchase a container of Boric Acid it's a white powder. I remember we had someone move in our 3 flat and they brought roaches with them and we laid that powder down under the sink, behind the stove under the cabinets, against the wood work and like within a few days those little fellas were gone. I found this online for you to read.

    (Applying boric acid is an ideal solution to eradicate all types of cockroaches. It acts as a stomach poison and kills the roach immediately when the chemical enters the digestive tract. Boric acid is also absorbed by the outer covering (exoskeleton) of the roaches and causes dehydration of the insects, thus killing them. Commercially, it is available in the form of paste, gel or white powder. Similar to any type of pest control chemical, boric acid is lethal to pets and humans. Thus, it is recommended to keep boric acid away from the reach of children and pets.)

    So I suggest once the boric acid has done it's job vaccum it up and mop up the residue.

    Good Luck!

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    closely inspect everything you move and clean it well to remove any dirt from the roaches,place things that are small in a trash bag and spray inside it with raid, then seal it with a twist tie.They really hide in books so inspect all books well.Same goes for cardboard boxes.shake out all fabric items and bag and spray them as well.it's not going to be easy but it can be done and being bug free is well worth the effort.They also really love to get into appliances and televisions so inspect them carefully .if you can find a shed or get a storage unit for a short time it would be a good way to bomb them without upsetting your new neighbors.put the before mentioned pwder in your new apartment before you put your stuff in it.

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    Use a bug bomb in your old place just before you move. That way all your stuff will be treated.

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