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John Van Voorhis out come on the Susan B. Anthony trial impact on his career?

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    It is hard to say how the outcome impacted his career without knowing what his ambitions were...he never became president so if that was an ambition of his you could say the trial had a negative impact but considering that after the trial he later served three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican from 1879–1883 and 1893–1895. In the first of his terms, he and Richard Crowley, the U.S. attorney in the cases, sat together as members of the House Committee on Territories, it looks as though he had an interesting career all in all. How much John Van Voorhis contributed to the defense of Susan B. Anthony is hard to judge. However, it is evident from Anthony’s diary that she conferred with him more often than she did with Henry Selden as the case developed (though she never learned to spell “Van Voorhis”). Anthony also noted that Van Voorhis researched procedural issues for the case, such as the tricky issue of using the writ of habeas corpus to carry a case to the Supreme Court.

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