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Why do feminist denounce gender roles,but apply them during disasters,for woman's gain only?

For example during the earthquake in haiti.

The food was given to women because they believe that women are the ones who cooks the food for the family.

But!!! doesn't the UN and other feminist try to destroy these gender stereotypes.

So,I ask why do you apply them when its only women getting help.

I don't understand why feminist denounce gender roles,yet apply them in times of disaster for woman's benefit.

Is it pure hypocrisy when when they use gender roles in there times of convenience?

Is this the entire foundation in which the feminist movement is built on?


@dark eyes,you are saying that all men should suffer for a few problems some young people cause

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    The gender-based food distribution idea was proposed WELL before the Haiti incident took place. It's clearly an instance of a humanitarian issue turned into a gender issue.

    It clearly shows how popular pro-Female/anti-Male ideologies are in mainstream politics. It's a clear demonstration of misusing twisted statistics to push for a female oriented restoration system.

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    Because there fundamental quotas are retro in there scope and due to the fact their ideals have been diluted over time as we can see women moving up the work place and all fabric of society.

    A lot of them just outright hate the male gender and are purely voicing there hate through a 'females are being oppressed' banner

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    Nothing to do with gender roles there. The women got the food because they could be trusted not to sell it. Looks pretty bad on the men in this instance, doesn't it?

    By the way, feminists today are a lot different than the ones from the sixties. You may want to play catch up and find out how women under forty think. Read 'Promiscuity' by Naomi Wolf. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much you agree with her.

    Source(s): Hammer-toting married bi-girl who prefers the term 'humanist' to feminist.
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    At the time of a disaster the natural biological instincts kick in. Him tarzan, me Jane. Women and children first. Feminism can't erase gender no matter how hard they try.

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    May I have some evidence that it was Feminists who orchestrated the rescue efforts in Haiti?

    Secondly - sociologists with a knowledge of Haiti and the violence - together with law enforcement - organised the food distribution for the benefit of the greatest number of people.

    This incorporated giving women the responsibility to cook and distribute food to the children and the men for practical reasons and to avoid the use of the donated food being sold illegally - or turned into a black market situation by predominantly (heterosexual) male criminals.

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    Good point. Clearly, feminists don't have principles - they will say whatever they think gives them an advantage in any given situation.

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    I think its because in lesser developed countries (ie Haiti), gender roles are the norm for the people. Plus, it might be that women are the primary caregivers for children, so giving food to them means giving food to their children.

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    For the millionth time *yawn*

    That wasn't a "feminist issue"... That was a "humanitarian issue". Young men were using makeshift weapons and machetes to get to the head of the line, to take the food and turn a profit. They were hijacking all the relief coming into the country, and keeping it for profit.

    EDIT: No... I'm saying the food had a better chance of distribution by making sure the food got to the people that would distribute it, and not sell it for profit, or gain.

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    BECAUSE, AS EVERY WORLD ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD HAS FOUND OUT..Men sell the food and medication. In fact the charites have to pay a ransom to keep them from taking the whole shipment. often they steal the cargo anyway and when they do the whole shipment of goods is sold on the black market in other parts of the world.

    Aww poor babies such victims. awww

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    Haiti is so two months ago. Get with the times, it's all about the oil spill now.

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