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Dos and dont while pregnant?

Okay so this is my first pregnancy and just wanting to know some peoples dos and don'ts of pregnancy like "is it safe to go on water rides or roller coasters while pregnant" or "tanning while pregnanct". I'm not stupid people i very well know you cant go on roller coasters while pregnant but using that as an example of what im asking. I know about the top ten and stuff like no kitty littler and no sushi and smoking but i'm looking for stuff you don't normally see in books you find at barnes and noble where they tell you stuff you doctor tells you already.

Thanks for the advice in advance

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    Coffee is a big no no, it increases your chances at a miscarriage.

    Sprouts, whether they be brussels, alfalfa or bean, they're not good to eat while pregnant.

    Too much or any kind of a certain fish, stay away from fish with high Mercury count, a simple google search will do.

    Too much salt or too much sugar. Salt can cause you to retain too much water and make your limbs swell which is not good. Too much sugar are empty calories that your baby does not need.

    You have to remember that all your organs are working double especially your heart. In your second trimester you will notice you get out of breath easier and notice your heart rate increase faster than normal. This is normal but it is important to never tire yourself to point of exhaustion.

    To be quite honest the first pregnancy is always when you're more careful, but quite frankly it's really just common sense. You'll be just fine.

    BTW Congratulations!

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    OK...listen up....This is your first pregnancy,so,eat what you like in moderation,avoid alcohol ,drugs and of course smoking. Avoid being over stressed ( like the best is yet to come when the baby is born). I ate sushi, soft cheeses, eggs, pate and didnt go on rollercoasters because i dont like them. You can go on a rollercoaster if you really want to, you can ride a horse if you want to, and even a motorbike....i rode horses all through my pregnancy and my buddy was 9 months pregnant when she would ride her motorbike around.( basically if its comfortable do it, if not ,then dont) Look, dont wrap yourself in cotton wool, people all over the world are having healthy babies and going back to work the next day practically.

    And as for the kitty litter thing...where the heck did you hear that from....i have many cats and a very healthy child and have had no problems whatsoever.

    Also, dont listen the crap about not having sex either when pregnant....thats just from people who dont like sex...

    Good luck and just enjoy it hun.xxxxxxxxx

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    Don't over work yourself.

    If you plan to exercise, the rule is, if you can carry a conversation without being out of breath you are ok. If you are struggling stop, rest, and do something lighter.

    Do drink lots of water, it helped me stay away from swelling up.

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    Ive always heard don't eat hot dogs, avoid caffeine, reptiles, ticks, fish, microwaves, and don't sleep on a water bed.

    I don't know how accurate these are, but my grandmother is pretty adamant about them.

    There are lots more on this site.

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    Cut back on caffine dont stress stay away from fish and seafood because of mercury content

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    Just think about what you do before you do it, common sense will guide you.

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    no hotdogs or lunchmeat with cooking it first

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