Has anyone ever had a problem with Wells Fargo bank?

I truly feel that this bank is too big for its britches. They are all about the money and being big, rather than giving a rats axx about their customers. I have had so many problems with them. Anyone else out there had any bad experience with this bank?


Just any problems with Wells Fargo in general, banking, loans.. which is more related to me. Customer service ect

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    1 decade ago
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    Hell yea I did. I sold something online and someone sent me a fake check. When I deposited it, they accused me of fraud and held my money for two months. For two whole months I had to borrow money to pay my bills because Wells Fargo wouldn't let me have mine. MY MONEY. Needless to say when I finally got access to it I closed my account and I recommended to all my friends to cease doing business with them. They are horrible.

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    4 years ago

    You actuality is contradictory. you're saying he had adequate in the account to cover the verify if it bounced, then you surely say he did not. If the commercial employer credited the verify to his account and it then bounces, convinced, they are going to opposite that deposit back out. ALL banks will do this. If that then leads to a overdraft, costs will keep on with. curiously that the actual issue is his employer.

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    What type of account?

    What kind of problems?

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