What Are The Legal Repercussions Of Falsely Reporting Someone To The Police?

Let's say Person A in your neighbourhood informs your Family Member B over in another state about some "crime" you've committed. Family member B (like a good citizen) phones the police to report and the local police come all the way to your house (aka "the crime scene") and then they find nothing's up and realise it was a hoax.

What legal avenues are available to you in this situ?

Note: According to US law.

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    Filing a false Police report is a crime. So is your right to sue for slander in civil court for damages. The difficulty would be in at some point in either action, family member B would be named in the bad side of the law. It would be up to the courts to make the decision to have family member B dismissed.

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    I have this problem at times I work with couples who have children and they are set on divorce or already divorced.

    Some times a woman decides she met a new man and will make him a new dad.The old dad does not want to be tossed out like trash so he asks the court to force her to let him see his kids. Usually she tells the court he is stalking her and is violent.

    There are some men who do get violent and stalk however more often then not the guy is just trying to see his kids and the woman does not want him around. She will make false police reports.

    Here is what our legal team advises for false police reports, ask who is the officer assigned to the case. For example what officer came out? Made an arrest? and so on. The actual victim needs to contact this person and ask what is being done now that they know this is a fake police report.

    The officer usually will let this drop unless they know the victim is interested in following through. The officer may say oh do not worry about it, but if you need this for future references it is important you tell the officer you do not appreciate the waste of police time and tax payers dime, that this may repeat and you need to set a firm example so that this foolishness and waste will end.

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    I don't know about laws but I will say is that

    Family member B should be commended for doing the right thing. When actually Person A should of made the call to the police if they were really that concerned, instead of gossiping about what the other person had done.

    I have been away from Yahoo for so long but Vot has drawn me back in : )

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    Boy Vot is on a role today with the questions!! =) Just kidding!

    I don't think there are any legal repercussions. If the police cannot confirm a "crime" or false reporting then family member B just waisted the police's time, a cup of coffee and a dough-nut!

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    I don't know yet, BUT, my neighbors are gonna find out! ha! they deliberately lied to the police about alleged tresspassing onto their property. I have proof it didn't happen, though they both told the investigating officer the same lie. it didn't happen, and the mother, wasn't even home at the time, yet she told the cop she saw the alleged trespass. I could have been arrested, falsely, as a direct result of their lies. I have asked the cop to arrest them for lying to a police and making false statements. I'll bet he won't. however, my lawyer and I are going to sue for slander and libel.

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    I'm no lawyer but I would think that the person calling the police has done no wrong but the person falsely claiming that you committed a crime is guilty of slander.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    After 8 years the statute of limitations has run it's course. There is nothing that anyone involved in the situation can do at this point.

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    It depends on what State you are living. In some States it may be a Felony, in others a Gross Misdemeanor.

    It also depends if it was under oath or penalty of perjury.

    Maximum penalty range: from 90 days to 5 years in jail/prison, and/or $1,000 to 10,000 in fines.

  • Anonymous
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    As long as they did not deliberately lie to the police, they have committed no crime.

  • I cannot say for US but here in UK if you did that then you'd be breaking the law & would be charged for wasting police time.

    Don't do it Vot!


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