Why Do People Think That Jehovah's Witnesses Do NOT Believe In Jesus?

Vot is trying to get as wide a range of answers as possible. So if you think JWs don't believe in Jesus OR you know the reasons others have for thinking so, kindly share :-)

And I hate that I even have to add this, but please- whatever other issues you have with Jehovah's Witnesses, please save the name-calling and other derogatory language for another time and just stick to the topic- i.e whether or not JWs believe in Jesus. Thanks in advance ^_^


Edited to add: Why do *SOME* People...... xD

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    Vot, I have enjoyed most of your answers, and constructs. There are a few on both sides of the aisle here that actually get the simple difference that separates Jehovah Witness' view of Jesus from Christendom and say so without smart remarks.

    a great many of posters on both sides actually do look up references, and the books/literature to be able to quote accurately. I actually do look things up, and know what each side believes.

    The only crucial difference is Who is Jesus, by His own definition, by the Fathers definition, how the Jewish mindset understood Jesus, and certainly correct use of the Greek language. While I am not anywhere near a "qualified" Greek scholar, I can grasp what is being talked about.

    Consider, if the WTBTS quotes a Greek scholar, and said Greek scholar refutes how he was quoted, should that not be cause for concern? To wit: In the LargePrint NWT Appendix, p 1362, they quote A Manual of Grammar of the Greek New Testament by Dana and Mantey. I have a photocopy of Dr Manteys letter on this appendix, addressed to the Watchtower, N.Y (7-11-74)., stating how they misquoted, and otherwise misused the book, and its rules for Greek in this Appendix. Dr Mantey then laid out the wtbts errors in John 1:1 ff

    That Jehovah Witnesses disagree on Who Jesus is by their view of scripture is one thing, but to twist and manipulate Dana & Manteys Grammar is scholastic dishonesty, and certainly cause for concern on John 1:1

    I have every confidence of the sincerity of the individual Jehovah Witness, none the less, I simply must bring the truth of who Jesus is to the table for readers to decide .

    When Jehovah Witness' tell me I really dont know what they believe, that I should attend their bible studies, They simply dont wish to acknowledge I have spent 30+ years studying their materials, doctrines, history. I am neither blind nor deaf. I have simply followed the evidence to the Truth that Leads to Eternal Life.

    In the wtbts book, "The Word-Who is He? According to John," p.52, it is absolutely correct by saying: "It means our salvation"


    (To your credit, I know you believe in the real Jehovah God, and certainly understand most every concept regarding Jesus as the Savior, the shed blood, etc. The only disagreement that is crucial is ....Who did Jesus say He is?)

    p.s. have you ever asked an orthodox rabbi what sort of claims this Jesus of Nazareth was making ?

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    Yes! Yes we do! We love Jesus and the example he set for all true Christians! (2 Peter 2:21) We're thankful for his Love of his God and Father. (John 14:31; 20:17) We're thankful for his love for us too! (Proverbs 8:31) We feel as fellow Christians in the Bible did, "there is no salvation in anyone else, for there is no other name under heaven that has BEEN GIVEN among men by which we must get saved." We are thankful for God giving us Jesus to buy us out of what Adam sold us into--condemned to sin and death. Our ministry is based on Jesus ministry and his commission to true Christians at Matthew 28:19,20. We honor Jehovah God as Jesus did! Yes! We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Jehovah God! (Proverbs 30:4) Visit JW.ORG to learn more about Jehovah's Witnesses (Isaiah 43:10-12)

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    John 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All thing were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Hime was life, and the life was the light of men.

    Jesus is the Word. John claims that Jesus is God. Jesus said in John 8:19 "you know neither Me nor My Father. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also."

    He claimed to be equal to God in saying he was His Son. This is why the Jews accused Jesus of blasphemy. If Jesus wasn't claiming to be God then what were they claiming to be blasphemy? Jesus went about forgiving sins everywhere He went, who but God can forgive sins? People in the bible worshiped Jesus. If He had only been a profit or an angel He would have told them not to worship Him because you are to only worship the one True God. No one is perfect but God. Jesus was/is perfect. Even angels are not perfect, Satan is an angel, a fallen angel but still an angel. Demons are angels that submit to Satan. Jesus is perfect. Jesus is God incarnate.

    Matthew 1:23 Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call his name Immanuel, which is translated, God with us.

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    This comes under the meaning of 'believe' and Who is Jesus. If Jesus was just

    another created being, then He can't save you from your sins, couldn't take on

    the sins of the world. What would JW's then believe in Jesus for, if you remove

    this aspect?

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    Most of the people I know do believe that Jehovah's Witnesses to believe in Jesus. The main difference is who Jesus is.

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    There are only 2 places any human being can be because we are "all" born of the flesh and we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. This is the natural man and woman born of the flesh and into ALL faiths and they study ALL faiths. You and I see these people daily and naturally but there are in Adam or his family. The "invisible" spiritual body of Christ is the ONLY OTHER "PLACE" any human being can be and I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THEIR FAITH. They are either "In Christ" by being "born again" of the Holy Spirit or they are still in Adam's family talking about Jesus and studying under simple minded preachers of all faiths. Christ according to Scripture CREATED a "new man or being" that is BORN of the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit of God who "leads" every NEW convert into the spiritual body of Christ because NO human being can do this because it is supernatural. JW's have their own Bibles and I know they believe the Holy Spirit is NOT a person but a force and I also know they are NOT in the spiritual body of Christ. Also every person "in the spiritual body of Christ by being born again is ALWAYS on the EAST side of every natural born person on earth. It is NOT taught in ANY local church but the true believer born of the Spirit is ALWAYS between the invisible Kingdom of Christ in the eternal future and the natural born bird brains walking in the FLESH here on earth of which I WAS also one.

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    JW's do believe in Jesus's ransom sacrifice.while they believe he is God's son they don't believe he is God, Jehovah. 1 Cor. 8:5,6.

    People say JWs don't believe in Jesus because they "deny the divinity of Christ" or at least that's how one penticostal pastor has put it into words. Fact is we don't deny the divinity of Christ, John 1:1 says Jesus is "a god" or godlike or divine (see various Bible translations).

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    They acknowledge Christ, but, not unlike the mormons, they have another book that is a separate doctrine of man-made idiologys. This book has stated that Christ was supposed to or did come back in the 1900's but no one else saw Him or knew of this " so called 2nd advent" except the JW's. They acknowledge Christ, but they believe in another book, which Revelations warned against.

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    It's not so much that Christians think Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in Jesus, it's more to do with who you say Jesus is. Your Jesus was a created being, Michael the archangel. The Jesus of the Bible was never created. Your Jesus could only atone for the sin of one man, Adam. The Jesus of the Bible atoned for ALL sin, for ALL men who would accept him as their Lord and Saviour. Your Jesus died and is forever dead, his body disappearing and a spirit creature being resurrected. The Jesus of the Bible is alive! He ascended into heaven with a glorified body. Your Jesus is never coming back to earth. The Jesus of the Bible is yet to return, with the angels (including Michael) and in power and glory. Your Jesus is not to be worshipped. The Jesus of the Bible is to be worshipped. That's part of the problem Christians have with what Jehovah's Witnesses believe about Jesus - we don't know your Jesus.

    Hope this helps :)

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    I'm glad you edited to say some people.

    I am not a JW, but I have never thought that JW's DO NOT believe in Jesus. I understand that they do not worship Jesus. The reason why I think that many people think that you do not believe in Jesus is because they are misinformed. Some christians I know and have spoken to are also aware that JW's believe in jesus but do not worship him.

    I suppose it depends on what people you speak to, and how far their own churches go in informing them correctly about the faith of other people. There are many people that say they are christians but what they are actually referring to is the religion of their parents/grandparents- but they do not practise it themselves or have any understating. In my experience it is these that often think that JW's do not believe in Jesus

    Even though I am not a JW, I have family members who are, and have studied with JW's, and I have at times had to explain to some people that JW's do believe in Jesus.

    Some also think that JW's believe in a different Jesus,because of the Archangel angle. So they think that JW's worship Angels. But as so many of you have already made clear you do not worship Jesus; Therefore you do not worship angels- so that argument is redundant.

    Some have also said they do not see the point in JW's because of your doctrine, as you might as well be Muslims. Although I have studied with JW's, I do not know enough about Islam, so I have never discussed this point further with them.(But I am sure there are obvious reasons why). It would be interesting to hear if any JW's have also been asked this?

    And finally Ithink people just Switch off before you are given the chance to explain your beliefs. I heard all kinds of stuff about Jehovah Witnesses, but rather than listening to rumour, I asked in the first JW's that knocked on my door, so I could find out the facts from the "horses mouth" !(sorry about the english expression). I find out about all faiths by speaking to people that LIVE by it, day by day. I have always found that they have been open to sharing their beliefs and sincere in respectful discussions

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