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should the confederate flag be displayed in schools?

i need to know 3 facts why it should be displayed in schools and 3 facts why it shouldnt be displayed in schools

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    The "Confederate Flag" that comes to the mind of most who picture it was actually a battle flag, originally the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. The "national" flags of the Confederacy differed from the well known "stars and bars" motif of the battle flag. One unofficial and popular flag of the confederacy was known as the "Bonnie Blue Flag," the pattern of which differed completely from the "stars and bars."

    Why it should be allowed:

    -very important part of U.S. history, and part of the bloodiest conflict our country has ever been involved with - both the fallen Confederate soldiers and their ancestors would undoubtedly prefer that any memorial be conducted with the flag from the country they died to protect rather than that of the country they opposed.

    -It remains in whole or as part of the pattern in several current state flags such as Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama - since other state or national flags are commonly displayed in public places (Mexico, Poland, etc.), then the Confederate battle flag should also be allowed.

    -like the patterns on most other flags, it does have a meaning which should be explained, and was only one among many other flags used by the confederacy.

    Why it should not:

    -has come to symbolize white supremacy and hatred among groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

    -No longer has modern relevance as it is a defunct flag from a nation/sovereign state that no longer exists.

    -has come to symbolize the practice of slavery in the history of this nation.

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    it could be shown, not flown, to show students what it looked like and what it was from a historical perspective, but it should never be displayed as a modern symbol of anything at all. If you wonder why, think of displaying a flag of Israel in a Palestinian school or a Nazi flag at a synagogue or kingdom hall.

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    There is no reason why it should be flown, NONE.

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