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How do I get rid of intestinal parasites out of a human?

My bother eats a lot of food but he is still very skinny,

and he is definitely showing signs of having intestinal parasites (round worms, tape worms etc).

How can he get rid of them?

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    He would need a blood test so the Doctor can identify what parasite your brother has (if any) there are different parasites and different medications for whatever you dealing with. I travel out of the country alot and every time I come back home to the U.S. I have to have blood tests I have had several different parasitic infestations and each one I had a different medication...if you really believe that he does have parasites he really does need a blood doesn't hurt to get one.... then he can receive the right meds..

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    I had intestinal parasites when I was young. The doctor took stool samples, verified that it was in fact a parasite, and prescribed me with medication. You should most definitely have your dad go to the doctor. If he does so, the parasites should be gone in no time.

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    Anti-worm pills at any pharmacy

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    I don't think doctor's prescription is required for the remedy which is available with the druggist

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