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what area would australia have surrendered if japan had attacked in world war 2?


okay, my bad. i mean what part of australia would be surrendered if japan invaded.

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    Australia wouldn't have surrendered anything, Americans came up with the idea of surrendering Australian territories.

    It isn't well known due to Americanisation and General Douglas MacArthur, but Australia contributed a significantly larger amount of soldiers to the "South West Pacific Area" during WWII. The SWPA included Australia, New Guinea, Malaya, Singapore and Indonesia. The reason it isn't well known is because General Douglas MacArthur decided that whenever there was an Australian offensive or victory in the area, it would be called an "Allied" one even if it was purely Australian, but if it was American it would be called an "American" one.

    General MacArthur was actually embarrassed of how badly the US soldiers performed as opposed to the Australians, which is why he did the above, and refused to acknowledge Australian efforts to further the idea that America saved Australia.

    Japanese forces were defeated by Australian forces in New Guinea without American aid, and they were defeated decisively.

    Japan never attacked Australia because Australia destroyed their attempts at closing in, Japan's forces were already engaged in a war with China, which is where most of their army was, so Japan would have never been able to force Australia to surrender its territory.

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    Japan did attack Australia in WW2. On February 19th 1942 the Japanese bombed the city of Darwin. Australia didn't surrender.

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    the lines suggested right here have been the lines drawn with the help of the British and the individuals the Australian defense force weren't arranged to provide up any component to australia and had the regulation replaced to contain New Guinea decrease than Australia's Defence Umbrella permitting the Australian defense force to give up the jap from taking the Air Port at Port Morsby and crossing over the Owen Stanley stages

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    Anything on the Sydney side of the 'Brisbane line' (straight line between Adelaide and Brisbane)

    Source(s): my history teacher
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    The japanese would have taken everything

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