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how much is a Toyota Tacoma used in good condition?

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    Right now all you have to do is offer a few bucks due to Toyota's current quality problems and the fact that they admitted the The United States Congress that the problems will not be totally fixed. Watch them admit it to Congress here:

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    these trucks also have quality problems. NHTSA forced toyota to take action. toyota expects to buy back 50% of their trucks. here is one in excellent condition, and only a few years old at the time.

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    that is as good as they come. surprisingly due to their highly percieved image of quality, this one as is is still probably worth $5k. excellent buy, wouldnt you say?

    kind of like the one in the picture above my name...

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    You need year, miles, model & condition to get a price.

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    depends on what you want. i will tell you this: they are expensive.

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