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What Would You Rather Play And Which Postion Should I Play?

Hey Guys I'm 12,5-6 155 Pounds

And I Never Played Football Before And I Was Going To Try Out This Year

And I Asked A Couple Of Friends What I Would Make They Mostly Said FullBack or Tight End

So What Do You Guys Think I Should Play Which Is More Funner

And What Are The Requirements For Each Position Like

Wide Receivers Need To Be Able To Catch Out Run Corners

Stuff Like That 10 Points

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    Ok. The position you should be playing will mostly not be Fullback or TightEnd. You may have a chance at RunningBack depending on your speed and quickness. If you are slow you may just play Fullback if you can run routes and block you may play TightEnd. But I don't think you will be playing that position. And since you will be a rookie you may not get alot of play time because of your expierence. Between the FullBack and the TightEnd position I would pick the FullBack because you get to run people over if you have power and you get the ball. If you don't know what to do with the ball play TightEnd because you get to just crash people out of the way and watch your RunningBack just fly through everybody. Just make sure you never play around at practice and mostly in the game. And try your hardest. Mostly if you start you should study that playbook and focus.

    When I played football last year I played in Akron, Ohio and I played for a team called East Dragons. Our colors was Red and Gray. We were a good team and we were undefeateed. We never lost and always played with pride. But when we had a bad play call we were the dummies to put our heads down. That was the only problem and the fact that people who did not start always played around and when they got in the game they was clueless. I did that one time too.But after that I learned my lesson I studied my playbook and at the end of the Season I became rookie of the year. I was short but I played Wide Reciever because I could catch and run a route. My favorite postion on offense is Wide Reciever and Runningback. On defense it is Saftey and LineBacker and CornerBack.

    Next year when I play for my second year I will be in High School and I will play for the Garfield Rams in Akron, Ohio I think I will play RunningBack because I'm short and fast and can take a hit. Im 13,5-7 102 pounds. Keep up the good work.

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    depends on your speed they said TE and FB so i am guessing you are not the fastest guy out there... you seem smallish to really excell at TE, in HS/middle school the FB is very limited thus boring

    i would look at defense something like MLB or OLB maybe DE if you are bigger than the other kids.....

    PS #1 football at your age is all about having fun and learning.... try out what ever your coach tells you to do and with time you will begin to prefer one position over the others

    PS#2 more funner is not grammatically correct and it bugs the hell out of me.... pay more attention in english class... it cant be more funner.... but it can be funner

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    i would rather play tight end out of fb or tight end, but overall I would like to play cornerback or outside linebacker...

    you should play fb cause it is easier to learn when new.. also, i would look into linebacker if your stamina is up.

    TE you want to be tall and bulky and able to catch or block.. tall cause you gotta catch over the middle most of the time, bulky cause you gotta block DEs most of the time

    FB you gotta be bulky, you have to block for your running back and you have to be hard to bring down when you need 3 or 4 yards and they need you to plod through the line..

    QB tall to see over your line, strong arm and accurate throws and leadership qualities

    RB fast, good hands to not fumble and catch sometimes, agile or hard to bring down

    LBs Bulky, fast, stamina, hard tackling and jump to deflect/catch passes.

    Safeties, fast for coverage, vertical leap for interceptions and bulky to hit hard and take down RBs.

    cornerbacks, fast for coverage, vertical leap for interceptions, able to tackle WRs hard

    WRs fast, good hands, vertical leap, agile, take hits well, run routes good so QB can just throw it and know where you'll be.

    Defensive line.. DE fast,,mobile, bulky and strong to fight off O-line, hit hard on QB and RBs/FBs

    DT bulky and strong to fight through O-line and bring down FBs/RBs and QBs.

    O-line.. Bulky, good footwork to maintain position for pass vs. running plays, strength, balance.

    Source(s): hope i helped
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    10 years ago

    Based on your OCD questions, and how you asked them so far, waterboy.

    godzilla63 -

    Go back to English class.

    funner - comparative

    funnest - superlative

    Look it up.

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    awesomo you fail at grammar also. It can't be "more funner" or just "funner". It's "more fun".

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