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Is buying a crown-vic from a police auction a bad idea?

Ive always wanted this car. Its really big and it has a huge angine. I figure, your first car isent that great anyway and if I can pick it up for a thousand I can afford to put a little matinence into it. I have considered gas.

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    It will depend on the police agency that had the vehicle, and the type of use and maintenance that the vehicle received. Using Maryland as an example, some counties and cities take better care of the vehicles than do others. A car owned and used by the Baltimore City Police Department is used by many officers, and is used on all shifts. Add to that the fact that most of the miles are put on in stop and go city situations (even at night there are traffic lights on many blocks) and you end up with a car that has been used and abused.

    Other agencies have different policies. Many will assign a car to an officer, and that officer not only uses it when on duty, they are allowed to take the car home when they are off duty. Those cars usually are in better condition. If you were driving the same vehicle every day, you would take better care of it than if you were getting a different car to drive each day. Police officers are the same way.

    Some agencies have better preventive maintenance programs than others. Again using Maryland, Anne Arundel County takes better care of the cars than does PG county. The State Police have a mechanic assigned to each Barrack, so the maintenance is usually done very well on those cars.

    If you can pick up a police package in good shape for $1000, grab it. Most likely you would be looking at a 1996 or so, in that range, and few police departments keep the cars that long. Most police packages that are in that price range are cars that were sold to a civilian, and you have no idea how they were treated

    Source(s): 31 years in the auto business
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    no, you can find some great deals at them.

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