Why does my weight fluctuate 1-3lbs within the matter of an hour without me even eating or drinking anything?

Fluctuating by way of weight gain :(

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    1 decade ago
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    Home scales are not very accurate. If you just stand on them in a different way or sway slightly to the side they will weigh differently. That is why you should only weigh once at day at most, in the morning after you use the bathroom. That is going to be your baseline most accurate measurement. But you'll still fluctuate from day to day even if you haven't really gained or lost any fat.

  • Aaron
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    1 decade ago

    SERIOUSLY? if i fill a glass with water does it weigh more? If you ingest food (which has mass and therefore weight!) will you weigh more initially? of course.

    its as simple as the elementary physics law conservation of mass.

    soon you will burn off the potential chemical energy and excrete it as CO2 and excrement, but until then THE FOOD IS INSIDE OF YOU.

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