Expectant mother. Do you like these girl's names?

I already have 3 girls and this may be my last baby (I'm still very young though only 31). I'm not sure if it will a boy or a girl yet (I'm not sure if I want to know) but I'm already thinking about names. My other daughters are (first and middle names) Shelby Ann, Katherina Lee, and Fiona Sky. I'm not looking for a commonly-used name such as Mary or Dave or Sarah. I don't want people to hear the name and think, "Who would name their child that?" either. Here are some things my husband and I have come up with so far what do you think? I'll also take your suggestions as well.

We have decided that if the baby is a boy, his name will be Zachary Louis (Zach for short).We are still having a tough debate over a girl's name though...

Names (first and middle):

1. Naomi Kate

2. Natalie Rose

3. Lillian Amber

4. Amelia Jess

5. Tatiana Rose

6. Carmen Rose

Thanks :)

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    1 decade ago
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    You have wonderful taste in names!

    Naomi Kate---this is a very nice name for a girl, it flows very nicely and Naomi is adorable and uncommon. You could run into issues with pronounciation, but most people will pronounce it "Nay-o-mee" or Nye-o-mee". Both sound very similar, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. 9/10

    Natalie Rose--this is another great name, the flow is great and Natalie is another uncommon name (these days for a baby). 10/10

    Lillian Amber--I don't like the flow of this as much as the previous two. Lillian is good and uncommon like the others, but Amber is more modern and I don't know that it fits with Lillian too well. How about Lillian Kate, Lillian Carmen, Lillian Naomi. 8/10

    Amelia Jess-----Amelia is another very good name, but Jess seems a little informal, even as a middle name. Usually middle names provide the substance to the name, but Jess looks rather unfinished beside Amelia. How about Amelia Jessica, Amelia Rose, Amelia Kate, Amelia Naomi. 6/10

    Tatiana Rose--While I love Rose, you may run into pronounciation problems with Tatiana. People could say "Taytee--ahn-a,". or "Tat-ee-ahn-ah" or Tae-tee-anna" or Tatti-anna", and that is no fun for your daughter. I do like this combination though. 7/10

    Carmen Rose--perfect. It flows beautifully and Carmen is another uncommon, pretty name that goes so nicely with Rose. 10/10

    For the sibling sets:

    Shelby Ann, Katherina Lee, Fiona Sky and Naomi Kate~~I like this. Two girls with names ending in "ee" and two with "a". Great! 10/10

    Shelby Ann, Katherina Lee, Fiona Sky and Natalie Rose~~I like this one too, but just not as much as Naomi Kate with it. 9.5/10

    Shelby Ann, Katherina Lee, Fiona Sky and Lillian Amber ~~This would make Lillian the only girl without a one syllable middle name, I think they should all have them if the first three do. 7/10

    With Amelia Jess--10/10

    With Tatiana Rose 7/10

    with Carmen Rose --8/10 because of two children with names beginning with the same sound "K".

    That said, Here's how I scored them

    I added up the name comments and the sibling comments

    Naomi Kate 19

    Natalie Rose 19.5

    Lillian Amber 15

    Amelia Jess 16

    Tatiana Rose 15

    Carmen Rose 17

    Natalie Rose and Naomi Kate are the best options. By the way, your other children have beautiful names and Zachary Louis is wonderful!

    Congratulations and good luck!

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    10 is best.

    1. Naomi Kate-7/10

    2. Natalie Rose-9/10

    3. Lillian Amber-7/10

    4. Amelia Jess-6/10

    5. Tatiana Rose-9/10

    6. Carmen Rose-10/10!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

    I like them all.

    I clearly like the name Rose.

  • Aga
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    1 decade ago

    Shelby Ann, Katherina Lee and Fiona Skye are lovely.

    I think they would go well with all names on your list.

    Zachary Louis really great - William Louis is on my short list.

    My favourites are:

    Natalie Kate and Natalie Rose - Natalie is perfect with many second names.

    Also suggestions:

    Ellinor Rose

    Genevieve Rose

    Alannah Claire

    Louise Rebecca

    Eloise Claire

    Rebecca Rose

    Rebecca Lily

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    1 decade ago

    Lillian Amber and Naomi Kate are my favs.

    Natalie Rose is very cute too.

    Amelia Jess is cute.

    Tatiana Rose and Carmen Rose are ok and kinda cute, but the first names just aren't really my taste in names.

    Lillian Kate, Lillian Rose, or Lillian Jess are very cute and i think sound better then Amber does with Lillian.

    Hope this helps and good luck, :D

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like the names Natalie Rose and Lillian Amber because they are have a certain ring to it. Lillian is very unique and Natalie isn't a frequently popular name now, so they will be different. But you also have to think of nicknames. For Lillian you could call her Lilly or Lil for short. Natalie you have to be a bit more creative. Also, the nicknames aren't dorky which is good because growing up kids hate their middle names. =D In the end it's your choice, but in case you wanted another opinion, here you go.

    Hope this helps!

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Amelia Jess, that is a beautiful name. All of the names are pretty, I also really like Natalie Rose. In my opinion Amelia Jess is the best option. I like Zachary Louis a lot.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Rose as a middle name!!

    And I am liking Naomi more every time.

    Naomi is my fave, Naomi Kate is very cute!! Naomi Rose would be pretty, too!

    My second favourite is Natalie Rose!

    Very cute

    What do you think of Olivia Faith? I really like it! I also like Emilia Rose and Catalina Hope, but that is because I am Latin!!

    Good Luck and Congrats!!

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Carmen Rose!

    Here are some more suggestions:

    Amber Rose

    Juliet Christine

    Caitlin Rose

    Jessica Dianne

  • 1 decade ago

    Zachary Louis is a great name! For a girl I really love Naomi Kate

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The best is Natalie Rose. Very pretty.

    Amelia Jess and Carmen Rose are awful.

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