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Student privileges in Germany?

if I have a student visa for Germany,, that means I am a student right??? now off course i have to take the Deutschkurs B1 at first and then i can attend the Uni... and as for my knowledge, all students in Germany get discounts on things such as Buskarte, insurance,etc..... yet my question here comes: how come when i went to make a Health insurance they told me that i wasn't considered a student and can't have these privileges,,,yet although i came into Deutschland for study purposes????? HELP me PLEAAASEEEE

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    There are two possibilities.

    1st: You are older than 30 years. Health insurance companies (and some other companies) do not give student benefits to persons older than this.

    2nd: You are not enrolled in any university (This seems to be your case from what I read). As soon as you are enrolled and have your student card, you would be considered a student and are then eligible for a student insurance.

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