Definition of a "pit bull"?

I can seem to find BSL's definition of a "pit bull", I know blocky head and muscular body are two of them. But are there any more? If you find this one a website please source it.
Update: I meant can't
Update 2: Oh geez the spelling mistakes, sorry I was typing fast, and missed it.
Update 3: Yeah problem, wiki is not a reputable source and is blacklisted for use on any college assignment. Yes this is an assignment, but I am having a hard time finding this.
Update 4: I have that site as a source, and it does not have what I am looking for exactly.
Update 5: I actually found what I was looking for when I dug further on stopBSL. Its blocky head. Muscular body, rear, neck. Short/Smooth coat, and round eyes (yeah like the majority of dogs don't have round eyes). Oh and a high ear set
Update 6: I just hope I can fit all this info in 6 mins lol
Update 7: By definition a Labrador retriever is a "pit bull"
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