What is the difference between Remington STS shot shells and Winchester AA shot shells?

I am reloading for trapshooting and I was curious if there was a difference between STS hulls and AA hulls. I have heard that there was but I don't know what the difference is. I would like to know soon please! :-) thx


what i really want to know is if i can load STS hulls the same as AA hulls if there is a large difference between the 2 to throw anything off

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  • SM
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    10 years ago
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    These are two marketed rounds by different makers offered as a trap and skeet round. I've bought and used both over the years and have had good luck with reloading both brands. I can use either empty when reloading for the range or competition using 8 or 9 shot. I don't see any real big difference when using them on the range as I always use the same powder and load criteria regardless of which shell I'm reloading.

    Of the two my personal preference are the AA's, I seem to be able to get a couple of more reloads from these than the Remington's but again it's a personal choice. As for new in the box I buy which ever is on sale. Good luck and good shooting.

    Source(s): Just my thoughts and experience.
  • Jeff
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    10 years ago

    Winchester changed the AA hull internally compared to the older AA hull.

    STS is the Remington competing target shell.

    If you reload --the manuals have data for each make of hull.

    Not sure what your fishing for- follow the data to the"T".

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