Assassin's Creed 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2?

Hey guys, i was wondering what is worth the buy more?

Assassin's Creed 2 is said to be a very good follow-up of the first 1 in this game, although i think AC 1, was a terrible game ( to much of the same). How good is this new game, and how long can you have fun with it?

On the other side there is Battlefield Bad Company 2, a great game, but mostly praised for it's multiplayer.

I really like both games, but although i dont like FP-shooters on PS3(my console), i think BBC2 has a longer gameplay but i don't know whether im gonna like the multiplayer (with all the 'pro's), since im kind of a big fail online :D. Or assassin's creed 2 , which i might throw away after 6 hours of gaming.

What you think,



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    ur right about ac2 its hela good but you can get 1000/1000 gs on it in about 15 hours of playing. what you should do is get red dead redemption if they make it for ps3 its gona change gaming, if you dont believe me you can check out the trailers, thats probly your best bet if you dont like online fps games, its like gta but in the old west i think you will like it, if you watch the trailers and ur not feeling it, get bc2

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    Go for Battlefield Bad Company 2, you can get better if you play a lot and it wont bore you after playing it 6 hours.

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    Bad company 2 if you like multiplayer

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    if i were you, i'd go assassin's creed 2. I could right you a massive list about why mw2 is better than bfbc2, but i wont, seeing as you didnt ask about that. If you go FPS, go mw2, trust me. Its really easy to get good at it and the 'pros' are easy to by pass until you get way leveled up.

    Source(s): played all three mentioned. if you want my really really long mw2 vs bfbc2, then here:;_ylt=Ag1k5...
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  • 1 decade ago

    bad company 2

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    im no longer incredibly answering, merely including information to element. fantasy 2 and AC2 are very distinctive in terms of interest play. ac2 is nowhere close to as repetitive as AC1, and there are various extra desirable tiers for get carry of and area-missions after ending the story. AC2 FEELS alot extra loose than submit-storyline fantasy

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