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why is downloading illegal?

i know alot of people (including me) download stuff , but why is it illegal

you can find many websites that say "downloaded 19278382 times"

the police cant arrest that many people,...

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    It's not a police matter, it's not about how many people do it and it's not about how many people get away with it. If the numbers of crimes committed were a factor, murder, drugs, porn and dog fighting would be legal. Theft is theft. Pirating content is no different than walking in a store and pocketing a few CDs, a game or two and a stack of DVDs. What is stolen is money that the artists, publishers, composers and producers don't make; money they worked for. If you were independently wealthy and sold a product or service, you wouldn't think it should be legal for people to rip you off just because you don't need the money or because the thieves think you don't get a large enough cut. Cable and satellite TV aren't free and neither should music or digital video be free. Besides, for every one of those 19278382 downloads, that's potentially 19278382 viruses, trojans, worms and cases of spyware that will cost you more to remove than if you just paid for safe and legal content in the first place.

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    it's illegal because if you're downloading and others have to pay for their things, well.....thats not exactly being fair, now is it? and plus, sometimes when you download things like DS games, they have cheats and peopl who don't know how to download will get the real one with no cheats. sometimes what you download is maybe violant or it may cause a virus.

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