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What are some names for a female cat?

For a Calico Femal cat

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    Abba Abby Aberdeen

    Abigail Acura Adele

    Adoni Aida Aiko

    Aki Alderon Ali MacClaw

    Alibi Alice Alley

    Ally McBeagle Amanda Amaretto

    Amaya Amber Ambrosia

    Amore Amorette Anastasia

    Angel Anna Annie

    Apple Apricot Aria

    Askim Aspen Astra

    Athena Audrey Autumn

    Female Cat Names - B

    Baby Bambi Bamboo

    Barbie Barkney Spears Barley

    Beatrice Beauty Bebe

    Bella Bianca Bijou

    Blanco Bliss Bonita

    Boo Boo Boots Britannia

    Bubbles Buffy Bug

    Bugatti Burgundy Buttercup

    Butterscotch Buttons

    Female Cat Names - C

    Calia Callie Calypso

    Candy Carissa Cashew

    Cassie Cayenne Celeste

    Cha Cha Chakra Chanel

    Chantilly Charlotte Cheerio

    Cheesecake Chelsea Cheri

    Chic Chiclet China

    Chloe Cilla Cinders

    Cinnamon Claret Claudia

    Cleopatra Coco Cookie

    Coral Countess Courtney

    Cous Cous Crouton Crystal

    Cuddles Cupcake Curly

    Cutie Cutsie

    Female Cat Names - D

    Dandelion Darlene Desiree

    Destiny Dinky Dior

    Dixie Dolly Dot


    Female Cat Names - E

    Eden Ella Elle

    Ellie Elsa Elvira

    Emma Emmy Enya


    Female Cat Names - F

    Fancy Fanjo Felicity

    FiFi Friskie Furball

    Furby Furlicity

    Female Cat Names - G

    Gemma Genevere Georgie

    Gidget Ginger Girlfriend

    Godiva Goldie Gracie

    Gucci Gypsy

    Female Cat Names - H

    Haanah Harlow Harmony

    Harriet Hayley Hazel

    Heidi Hilary Hissy

    Holly Honey

    Female Cat Names - I

    Ida Ima Isabella

    Isis Ivory

    Female Cat Names - J

    Jacina Jackie O Jacqueline

    Jada Jade Jana

    Jane Jasmine Jazebel

    Jeanette Jeannie Jelly Baby

    Jeners Jerri Cat Jersey

    Jessie Jewel Jilly

    Jipsee Jinxy Jitterbug

    Jolie Jordon Judy

    Julie June Bug Justine

    Female Cat Names - K

    Kabuki Kacee Kaelyn

    Kali Cat Kasey Jo Kashmire

    Kenya Kia Kiki

    Kim Chee Kimmy Kinko

    Kirstie Alley Kat Kiss Kiss Kit Kat

    Kiwi Kokomo Kricket

    Female Cat Names - L

    Lady Luv Ladybug Lavender

    Layla Leah Leeza

    Lena Libby Lickums

    Lil One Lillian Lindy

    Lisa Catrow Little Bit Lizzie

    Lofty Softy Lois Lane Lollypop

    Long Tail Sally Lorelei Lori

    Lovebug Lucille Lucy Lou

    Female Cat Names - M

    M&M Mackenzie Maddie

    Magdalina Maggi Majesty

    Margo Marshmellow Meesha

    Milly Mimsy Minipuss

    Minsky Miranda Miss Lily

    Missy Kitty Mon Ami Monique

    Female Cat Names - N

    Nadia Naomi Natasha

    Nayla Neela

    Nellie Nibbles Nikia

    Nitska Noelle Noisette

    Nokky Noni Noodle Bug

    Norma Jean Nugget Nutmeg

    Female Cat Names - O

    Oatmeal Odette Olivia

    Oprah Whiskers Orange Blossom Orphan Annie

    Female Cat Names - P

    P. Kitty Paisley Patches

    Peaches Peapod Pearl

    Peepers Penny Peppa

    Percy Periwinkle Pickles Puss

    Polly Pookie Poppins

    Female Cat Names - Q

    Quacker Queenie Quentina

    Quickpounce Quintessential Kitty Quirp

    Female Cat Names - R

    Rachel Radiance Rag Muffin

    Rainbow Dancer Ramsey Razzie

    Reba Rebecca Regan

    Renee Rhinestone Ribbon

    Rizzo Roni Rosemary

    Rossini Roxanne Roxy

    Roz Ru'Bella Ruby Jean

    Ruffles Ruthie Ryanne

    Female Cat Names - S

    Sabrina Snow Sahara Sally

    Sami Girl Sandie Sapphire

    Sarafina Sassa Cat Savannah

    Scampi Selby Selena

    Sephora Shawnee Sheridan

    Shirley Temple Short Cake Sierra

    Silly Sidney Silvie Sissy

    Skyler Slippers Sophia

    Spazzy Spunkie Girl Stormie

    Female Cat Names - T

    Tabitha Taffy Talia

    Tashie Tawney Teeney

    Tessa Thelma Tibby

    Tiddly Wink Tiger Lily Tinkerbell

    Toffee Tori Bell Tortelini

    Tounces Tracy Tricky

    Triscuit Trudi Truffle

    Tula Rose Tulip Tweetie Pie

    Female Cat Names - U

    Ultimate Kitty Uma Ursala

    Female Cat Names - V

    Valentine Vanna Paws Velvet Kitty

    Vera Vicky Vivica

    Female Cat Names - W

    Waffles Walnut Wanda

    Wendy Whickers Whoopie

    Female Cat Names - X

    Xana Xany Xena Warrior Princess

    Female Cat Names - Y

    Yawney Yemma Yolanda

    Your Highness Yuki Yummy

    Female Cat Names - Z

    Zadora Zeldabar Zia Marie

    Zoe Zola Zula

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    Abby Tabby Tabbitha Roxy Sunset Mittens Sunshine Moonlight Dawn Mitzi Bouquet Roxie Calico Sandy Monique Pippy Rosie Rosy Daisy Lucky Ginger Sara Bella Cat Kitty Kitten Kitty-cat Sunflower Becky Rebecka Stephanie Holly Cameron Hailey Michelle Elliot Kelly Midori Maria.

    Source(s): How to pronounce the names: Tabbitha: (tabb-ith-a) Mitzi: (Mit-zee) Bouquet: (bow-kay) Monique: (mon-eek) Elliot: (el-ee-ot) Midori: (Mee-door-ee).Thats how you pronounce some of them.Yes they are real names.The others you probably already know how to pronounce.
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    This Site Might Help You.


    What are some names for a female cat?

    For a Calico Femal cat

    Source(s): names female cat:
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    Midnight Stormy Onyx Raven Ebony Jet Pepper Smokey

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    Bella (my tuxedo cat's name)


    Go to for a list of 2000 cat names from A-Z

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    my cats names are Goliath and Ki Ki

    here is a link

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    i like people names for animals. pick your favorite names you like, like i like Madison, Taylor, and Holly for girls and Sandy, Leith, and Jamie for boys

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