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I am studying for Indiana's core 40 biology test... where can i look to find help to study?

i have to pass this test in order to graduate.. i am only a freshman.. but am taking this class now.. and i just want to pass this.. has anyone found anything helpful?

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    I'm a freshman too :D

    Standard's search web site:


    1)Click "core standards" (under search bar)

    2)Check science

    3) leave the first tab blank

    4)Don't pick a grade

    5)on the second tab: (the same line where "grade" is at) Pick "Biology"


    7)all this **** pops up you have to know ALL OF IT

    *The little plus's show the standards in more detail

    **The Indicators show even more

    I figured there's about 50 of the standards summaries, with about 2 questions for each...

    thats about 100 questions to study. :)

    They have resources at the end of each summery in case you forgot what it was.........

    Here's the download page: (click on biology) *it's the "doc" one*:


    This one's much easier to look at than the website.

    I gotta study all of this **** by tomorrow lol hope I helped :)

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