Clips for saddle bags?

I have a barrel racing saddle that I want to take on trail rides, but the problem is ... it doesn't have saddle bag clips. Is there any way I can put clips on it so I can attach saddle bags? Thanks.

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    1 decade ago
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    You can get D-rings that have a leather attachment on them. You unscrew the rear conchos and put the D-rings on, then screw the conchos back in to hold them in place. Pretty much any saddle shop that does tack repair should have them or you can make your own with a couple D-rings and some wide leather strips. Don't load your saddle bags too heavy or you can pull the conchos out, found this out the hard way. Bliss gave me a really good way to lace the saddle strings through the tree of the saddle but it is a pretty in-depth project. I can link you her answer to my question about it if you want.

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