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Will rachel dump jesse and get back together wth finn?

I'm a fan of glee and love the rachel and finn relationship - i think jesse's playing rachel to get information on her team or whatever, but i think he definatly has no feelings for her. I also think that the only reason Rachels going out with jesse is because she was crushed when finn dumped her and wanted to make him realise what he'd missed out on. When Finn asked her out again i think rachels pride got in the way. Either way i think she still has feelings for him and i'd love to see them get back together later in the series but what do you think?

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    OMG i'm a total Gleek and i'd love them to get back together. They're soo cute :) Jesse is a prat and is so playing her. Loved it when Idina Mendez was in it :)

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