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Why do I feel that College Football is going to look like this somehow?

I dont know but it seems like the Big 10 is wanting to expand to 16 teams, and no way the SEC is going to sit back and not get involved too. When these two start bumping heads, its going to effect the other two conferences, and of course the PAC and the ACC will pick up the left overs. C.Florida gets promoted to the new ACC to keep at least a battle for the state of Florida since SEC will snag both Miami and Florida St. Or the ACC will continue to help its Basketball Conference and snatch Louisville.

Big 10 expansion to 16 teams: Notre Dame, Pittsburgh,Kansas, Iowa State, Missouri.

SEC expansion to 16 teams: Texas,Texas A&M,Florida St and Miami

PAC 10 expansion to 16: Texas Tech,Kansas St,Colorado, Oklahoma,Oklahoma St, Utah

ACC expansion 16: West Virginia,Rutgers,Uconn,Syracuse, S.Florida, either promote C.Florida or

snagg Louisville.

This means that Baylor , Louisville if not selected to ACC, and Cincinnati will be the schools demoted from Automatic qualifier conference to most likley CUSA. All this shuffling will start in 2012 and probably end in 2014. Meaning a two year gap of uncertainity for allot of teams.


No sorry my man, The Big East gets hammered, that will put it to an end, that'll happen in 2012. Also affected is the Big 12 , then what makes it worse is the SEC comes along and say hey Texas come on over, they say "We shoot fire why not" That really starts the mess, Pac10 snags some Big 12 members plus promote Utah or TCU or Boise State however they choose for their 16 member, and the ACC says finally, what the hell, remaining Big East teams come over too, Since S.Florida is in the BE after SEC snagg Florida st and Miami, they want state of Florida back.

Update 2:

Um Kyle I did include Texas along with the Aggies, No cincinnati isnt in any of the new big conferences new alignment, and third sometime geography does play a huge role, going on the road to a conference thats spread too far apart gets pretty darn expensive. Marshall join CUSA and till this day wished they hadn't. And academically the new BIg 10 expanded schools do have a pretty darn good scholastic program. I pretty much used the consensus of what most writers on this subject feels what going to take place. Its a re-alignment they feel thats gonna put in place the SEC bid for that plus 1 playoff idea in actuality

Update 3:

Aceton you are the most obscene SOB I ever encountered. BE is formed just for Basketball, they never leave the conference for Football. The Big East combined with all those Basketball programs plus its football programs is still making much less money than the other conferences. When the Big 10 waves that 22 million in revenue share in front of Pittsburgh face, hmmm 22 million versus 7 to 9 million , geesh no I think we just stay and play Basketball. Are you ******* serious. Last year West Virginia with its final four appearence and the bowl appearence in football made 9 million, a record for that school, and this is a conference that splits its revenue.

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    I think your pretty far off. The SEC will struggle to get any of the schools you just named, except maybe Florida State. Neither of the Texas schools have anything to gain from joining the SEC. They both draw big ratings, they have two of the highest grossing athletic departments in the country, and they have a big fan and recruiting base. Miami doesn't fit with the SEC. It is a small, private school, not a huge state school like every other school in the SEC. University Presidents make these decisions, not football fans, and University Presidents care about these things. Also, Kansas St, Tx Tech, and the Oklahoma schools in the PACIFIC 10? Those schools are geographically close to the Atlantic Ocean then the Pacific. There are dozens of sports besides football, and I doubt the University of Oklahoma wants to pay to send their swimming, volleyball, and lacrosse teams across the country multiple times a year as opposed to sending them a few hundred miles down the road like they currently do. Also, the Big 10 would NEVER grab Iowa State. I'm an Iowa native, and the University of Iowa already owns that state. Getting Iowa State would provide no new fan base, no new recruiting base, and it is a small program that doesn't generate money. And where is Nebraska in your scenario? That school generates more football money than just about any school in the country, so you know they are going to a big conference. The Big 10 would definitely go for Nebraska ahead of Iowa State. So here are the schools I think each conference would be looking to grab.

    Big 10 - Same schools as you, minus Iowa State, plus Nebraska.

    Pac 10 - Colorado, Boise St, BYU, Utah, TCU.. I can't imagine them going beyond 14 schools, there are no other schools that make sense for that 16th team.

    Big 12 - TCU, SMU, BYU, Utah, Arkansas.. They will probably lose a few teams from the North, but I don't see them losing anybody from the South. Nobody in Big 12 country wants to see those schools change conferences, and the fans of the schools will have the final say. They will fight to replace Mizzou or Colorado or whoever in the North.

    SEC - Florida St, Louisville(rivalry with Kentucky, good facilities, good geographic location, great tradition in basketball(which the SEC would love to have).. I don't see the SEC expanding beyond 14 unless they can somehow steal Texas

    ACC - Syracuse, Rutgers, West Virginia South Florida.. I think they will only expand to 14.

    Big East - Will remain a basketball conference, just with less members.. If they keep football, they will probably promote Georgetown and Villanova, both of which have 1-AA football teams. With Georgetown, Villanova, Providence, St. Johns, Seton Hall, Marquette, and UConn not in any danger of moving, the Big East will still put together a top notch basketball conference, especially if they can keep a few of the football schools.

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    you are making a few mistakes in your assumption: you are using geography when you should be asking yourself "what does this team bring to the table?" No conference, especially the Big 10, is going to expand simply to expand. They need a team with NATIONAL followings. That is why Texas and Notre Dame are on EVER conferences wish list. It will actually weaken the Big 10 to bring in a Cincinnatti, Iowa State, or Pittsburgh.

    Second, don't underestimate the Scholastic aspect either. These are college presidents making the choice, not athletic directors. A weak academic school will most likely be eliminated from consideration.

    Third, Don't discount politics at the state level. That is how Baylor was included in the Big 12. That is also why Texas will not leave without most likely being forced to take the Aggies with them.

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    best thing for the Big East will be to remain pre eminent basketball conference concentrated in area east of the Mississippi River.

    College football is going to price itself out of reality. Check what the students now pay! They will attend a occasional game yet know more about their favorite NFL team. As the NFL teams in the South become more competitive the SEC will lose its attraction. The Northern and West coast colleges have know this for some time.

    Eventually the NFL will have to develop its own minor league as State governments and university will have to give up subsidizing the game. Bigger conferences will just add--- to cost, to travel, overhead,alumni messing around and interference[more than now]

    The only schools which will play football after 2020 will be those modeled on the Ivy league method. Paychecks even from TV networks will not be sufficient to carry the cost. Once old or natural rivalries are dismantled, some teams remain the door mats they will seek to leave or expend tremendous monies to win.

    No college football has seen its better day's, When you reach the top of the mountain the only way is down and that is what the conferences and the NCAA is telling you.

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    Why do you use 100 words when you could use 20 to say the same thing and then not sound like a pretentious little know nothing?

    I've seen you corrected on here and you amazingly DENIED you stated something when it's right there in black and white.

    THERE IS NO WAY THOSE CONFERENCES ARE GOING TO EXPAND TO 16 TEAMS. It takes a school a minimum of 27 months or $5,000,000, Big East, to get out of a conference. Note, the Big East was formed for basketball. IT will NEVER break up for football.

    Your conference lineups are laughable and you are hardly smart enough to be condescending like you were to Luke and Kyle.

    Perhaps, if you didn't rely on the consensus of moronic know nothing sportswriters and ESPN analysts to form your opinions and used some deduction and fact, you'd arrive at some solid conclusions and sound creditable, and not so stupid.

    The Plus 1 was merely the SEC's attempt to get two SEC teams in the NC. Just for that reason alone, the other conference won't let your scenario occur.


    Once again, you aren't reading what's in black and white. I said, " Note, the Big East was formed for basketball.". If you'd have any idea what's going on behind the scenes and not rely on those morons you do for information, you'd know that the Big Ten WON'T be waving any money in front of Pitt. Why? I'll let you find that out in12 months from now when your consensus buddies do. You shouldn't use such big word like "obscene" until you know what they mean.


    Big East champion'll make that automatically every year, as long as it's ranked in the top 16, because it's an automatic qualifier. The four team additions to the Big Ten will dilute the revenue because not ONE of them will bring $22 million in TV revenue with them.

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    You forgot the Big-12. We are looking at expansion also. We will get TCU for sure. We should go after Utah, Boise, BYU also- maybe even steal Arkansas back from the SEC.

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    The Big 12 wont break apart. They bring in to mich money as a confrence. The schools would gain nothing by leaving.

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