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baby bird in the garden - cant fly and parents are looking for it?

there is a little baby bird in our garden, it cannot fly and its parents are around trying to get it. We have two cats that are going after it and it looks hurt so i think they have had a go at it already

we have bought the cats inside but what should we do with the bird, at the moment we placed it in the back on the trailer on the drive so that the cats didnt get it.


we dont know where the nest is

the parents can see it because they keep flying upto it and squaking if we go near it

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    If the bird is feathered and somewhat active then it is likely a fledgling, this is a normal stage in development and nothing to be concerned about.The bird will be fine on the ground and the parents will continue to care for it until it is flight capable. If the bird does Not have all of its feathers you can put it in a small basket in a secure location in tree where you can reach, but predators can not. Line it with something like tissue paper, paper towels or newspaper just to provide some comfort and keep the animal from getting its legs caught in any holes in the bottom. The parents are still caring for the bird, so as long as its in a location where predators won't be such a problem it will be fine. (The parents will not abandon the bird because you've touched it to relocate it.)

    Either way this goes, you should probably keep your cats indoors through the summer, they are the biggest problem backyard wildlife faces during the spring and summer months. They frequently catch bunnies, fledgling birds, chipmunks etc. essentially anything they can get their paws on. However, they rarely kill the animals to begin with, they simply injure the animals and pass on loads of bacteria through their saliva and claws so that even with immediate medical attention by either a vet or wildlife rehabilitator they have poor chances of survival. In bunnies it is common that they break their backs or cause spinal damage but don't kill the animal, so it is left to suffer and either die of starvation or be euthanized at a rehab facility. If you don't want to keep your cat indoors though, there are these things called "Cat bibs" which don't restrict the animals movement in general, but keep them from pouncing at prey. I have indoor cats so I haven't purchased one personally, but I've heard they're really useful Best of luck.

    Source(s): Years working at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic
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    You need to keep the cats in and put the baby bird back asap to where it was, so the parents can find it and care for it.

    If you know where the nest is, and you think it fell out, you can put it back but that is usually a bit difficult.

    Remember, that if you must handle the baby, wash your hands before you handle, with clear water so you have no soapy or chemical smells, perfume, etc on your hands that may make the parents shy away from the baby.

    Leaving the baby alone is always the best way. The parents will find him if you put him back. He will die if they do not find him.

    Good luck.

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    It's a fledgeling, and nearly all of them go through this process. It's a crucial gateway between learning how to survive out of the nest and fully learning to fly. It's mom and dad are close by watching, don't worry. Just leave it be.

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    CALL SSPCA NOW if your in scotland 03000 999 999

    england 0300 1234 999

    america 1. Report Cruelty:

    In NYC: (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450

    In NJ: (800) 582-5979 / online form

    Outside NYC and NJ: Reporting Cruelty

    any were else im afraid i can't help but plz find a number for your area and CALL NOW!

    whilst witing on them to come KEEP AN EYE ON THE CHICK.

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    If i were you, I would take the bird straight to a Vet because they don't charge you with money for bringing wild animals if you don't want to keep them. Also if the bird is not fledged and injured, it would be much better idea to take it to the vet because you can not look after it or it would be much harder to feed injured baby birds.

    Source(s): Wild baby birds rescuer around public parks.
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    Apply turmeric powder to the bird, trust me , it will become healthy in no time..... And never let that cat outside..wait till the bird becomes healthy...

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