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Do you really think Egyptians Are Arabs ? care to read the Realistic proof that we are NOT !?

since i have seen allot of dreamers mostly young people defending a fiction based statement that we are Arabs and neglecting who we are to the limit of insulting older and wiser people for defending our Egyptian identity that was mentioned in all the holly books and all the historical books AS Egyptians and certainly not as Arabs

how ever ........

Take That !!!!!!!!

Go ask any saudi ( Saudi Arabia is supposed to be the place where islam and the arabic culture came from as far as i know )

_ to give you his daughter` s hand in Marriage

_ to let you work in his company with out kafeel who sucks your blood with out doing any thing but signing your papers for temporary residency in there country if you have any thing to do there

_ or ask the governmental authorities to let you start a Business with out kafeeel because you are an Arab

the Answer is simply ((((((( NO ))))))))))

Then go complain to the religious Authorities there.... " El2amr Bel ma3roof "

Agaain the Answer is (((((((((((( No ))))))))))

and if you ask why ???????????????

the answer is

Because you Are EGYPTIAN ya Bahaaaaaaaaaaym

Sorry i hope you do excuse my Expression after all you are all my younger brothers

bas Asl el Bahaym bas hya elwa7eeda ely mesh momken tef-ham 7aga zay dee we tatagahalhaa

ka2enaha mesh mawgooda

we mesh 3awez wa7ed khonfis ye3mel wad font we yeegy ye2oly asl feeh nas we7sheeen we nas tanya 7elween we ybeeed hena !!!!!!!!!!

Ana Wake3y !!!!

ely yrod yrood men wake3 el 7yaaaaaaaaaah law sama7to !!!!

we LEL2ASAF el wake3 by2oool 3eeeb awee nenseb nafsena Belkedb l7ad aslan mesh by7ebena wala by3mel e3tebar ledeeen

e7na nenseb nafsena lely khale2na l2enena kollena 3abeed loh we khelset

yalla .....

Sabaa7 el kheeeeeeer


; : 0 )

Peace !

Update 2:

bas lel3elm wa shokran !

Update 3:

@ first answer

basha el ghalban ely byes2al el so2al ely oddamak monnasab

we m3a zalik

men koll 2alby ba2ol

mal3oon abo el3arab


mabye7termonaash we wala bye3melo e3tebar ledeen

weslet !!!!!!!!

Update 4:

and with all the respect to your opinion go to Maccah and ask any kid feen makan eltekya el masrya Ely kanet bet2akalko we tsharabko bebalash 3alashan mesh la2yeen takloo 7ayshawerlak 3ala makanhaa

Azon keda el masa2el mesh me7taga monahda tany ..

wala eah ra2yak ?

Update 5:

@ we da best

peace !

spain or Elsenbelaween all are sons of Adam and Eve wallahi

ennama lama yeegy el waleed bin talal yedrab Aard feeha teb2a 3arabya we lamma mowaten masry yeroo7 ye2ady shoghL mayfhamohoosh teb2a masr mesh 3arabya !!???

walahy el mafrood yeghayaroo esmaha

yesamooha ba2a fer3onya , batlaymosya , enshalla 7atta mostiklia

ma3andeesh mane3 bas hya fe3lan mesh 3arabya !!

Elmohem En Masr Masrya we basss

peace !

Update 6:

@ mazzika


waaaw 3eneeki zar2a bas mokhik abyad

3alashan lel2asaf mesh 3arfa en el mansoura etsadet lel7amalat el salebya we asaret malik faransa kaman !

we ba3deen 7ad 3eeno zar2a yelbes naddara 7amra ?!

ya sheekha roo7y ! wenty shakl e3lan koodack ..loool

17 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Do not bother yourself ":

    Basically I believe in Quraan and It said:

    (ولكن أكثر الناس لا يعلمون) which means indirectly in my opinion : That most peoples are Idiots

    @1967 (the people who do not know , in my opinion are idiots (till they know,....I do not know how come ya 1967 you think I do not know what is

    لا يعلمون,,,,hahaha)howa fee eh I do not have Alzheimer still walahi)

    Hope that answered your Q in a short way


    The idea of that Egyptians are Arabs is promoted by the Muslim brotherhood (gang) and they are brain washing their supporters by that idea,,, Simply because they got most of their funds from Saudi Arabia, Qatar,,and other Gulf states,,so (either the one who says that

    1) Muslim brother hood sympathizer

    2) Getting paid to say that

    3) Do not really know the truth (and does not want to know because the idiocy thing I mentioned ...)

    If the Muslim brotherhood gang would getting their funds from

    China they would convince some that the Egyptians are originally Chinese (for the

    Money carries the smell of its source,,, and Ll7m ketaf el ekhwan men el Saudia

    The Saudi want Egypt to be ( a Saudi province ) for them ,Nice weather, nice women (compared to them) cheap products and people (servants and over all some one willing to fight for them when In sallah Saudi become (the Persian kingdom of El Nagd wel Hagaz,,,,,,and that will happen very soon for sure...)


    Abd Nasr was the repeating that because he wanted to be leader of the Arabs,, Sadaat did not (that is why he was hated by them)

    I do not know why people do not read,,,,

    ===============================thank you very much ,,Ciao..Ya 3arab...

    G2 Come on G2 we know that your father has a Belgian passport,,(not only Egyptian one...of course they deal with him with respect,, not because he is Egyptian but because he is Belgian)


    Ya G2: of course your father is dealt respectfully because he is Belgian,, why ?? you can ask the Arabs that,, not me,, (i am dealt very respectfully and I was told by a prince that he is dealing with me as (European not like an Egyptian ,, ask him why ,not me)

    second,, Ya abny I am talking now about a race not about language,, Islam is a universal religion,, not for a specific race,, the fact that I adore el Kolafaa el rashedeen,, although they are Arabs , that does not make me in love with Al soad - (who were muggers- read history) by default,,,the Arabs play on your emotion using the (Islam) card,, although the Indonesians as an example are better Muslims than the majority of the Saudi,,, As G*d is not racist (estaghfor el llah) la fadel l3arabi 3la a3gmai ela bel taqwa.... so do you want to give credit to the Arabs (because their race )not given to them by God -by force,,,because you think so?

    Now you are acting like the Jews who we criticize-as they claim they are the chosen because of the race,,,, No chosen race by God,, but with the deeds of the person..(do not act like wilders in that please- in a different way)

    I know what the verse means,, I do not associate it with the Arabs,, I associate it with the answerers who do not know that the Egyptians are not Arabs ,,, I add idiots ,,not as the meaning of the verse,a3ozbellah ,, But who does not know,,in my opinion is an idiot....

    Again think twice ,,your family is dealt with respect because of those Flemish passports,,, it is very well known,,why ?? again ask the inferior Arabs about that....(does your father suffer in the airport or in the Kuwaiti embassy like the other -only Egyptians!!)

    I do not know , you do not know that, or (sorry as I like you) it is just sophism,,,in both cases every one knows the truth and I do not have to prove any thing...I am more shocked day by day by the (culture ) of the new generation...howa Muslimeen Iran, Indonesia, even Guinea walad el batah el soada because they are not Muggers -oppps Arabs??

    --------------again G2:

    I received a complain yesterday from an Egyptian father who is an investor in SA, the Saudi teacher told the classroom while his Egyptian child there,, (you can recognize the Egyptian by his smell in el 7aram) what do you think the feeling of the child when all the class exploded with laugh,, They do not like the Egyptians,, Inferiority complex, Perhaps,arrogance maybe,, but for sure tribal attitude,, they do not even like each others based on the tribes,,, now I do not force you anything,,, but at the end scientifically (genes wise ) 90% of the Egyptians are not Arabs,, not me who said so but science,,,,,

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I agree totally, they should open their borders and help because it is according to International Law. Egypt do help Palestinians, they do try to make them have peace within and they already house 1 million refugees since 1967. However, many Egyptians still do want to help but because of U.S, E.U and Israeli pressure they don't want to be involved. They should help, even more the fact that Gaza is Egyptian territory but Egypt don't want to have sour relations with the west. France is helping it build several nuclear power stations and Egypt have a huge dam that if destroyed will wipe out many major cities. Israel has threatened that if they go to war ever, Israeli jets will target that dam.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ok captain

    first of all take it easy .they don't like us yes but why ? is it only because we are not Arabs no just like you said.(eltekya el masrya Ely kanet bet2akalko we tsharabko bebalash 3alashan mesh la2yeen takloo )now elwad3 et3`aer

    kman e7na ayamha ma2srnash kna bn3aml kol elarab bfawkea.bas neegy llgad b2a.....yes before islam we were not arabs but the prophet (pbuh)said ( " يا أيها الناس إن الرب واحد ، والأب واحد ، وليست العربية بأحدكم من أب ولا أم ، وإنما هي اللسان ، فمن تكلم بالعربية فهو عربي" ) ll2manh el7adeth da3ef elsanad wa laes elmatn y3ny m3nah sa7e7 .another thing some how we are the mother of elarab because stna Hager egyption she is saydna isma3el`s mother and he is abo elarab y3ny e7na omhathm aw a7`walhm.3moman el7al el3arby w elmasry hoa ely waslna lda hma ytbro mnna we e7na 2rfanen mnhm lakn zman ayam 3zna w 3zhm kan kol wa7d fa7`or beltany tab3an da zamaaaaaaaaaaan awy .w 7agh kman ll2saf zy ma ebn 7`aldon 2al en elislam lm yonhy el3asabeh we elkableh shof 2al keda mn kam sana w lsa nfs elwad3 ka2m w e7na kman mot3asbeen lmasretna y3ny e7na 3`lt we hma 3`lat .. w tany the prophet (pbuh)said 3n el3asabeh dy "دعوها فإنها منتنة".

    3la fkra ana fahma sh3ork gdan w m2darah bas kol kawmeh lha 3eob w mazaya w mahma 2olna dlo2ty m7dsh heshof 3`er 3eob eltany.

    3agbtny awy spain or Elsenbelaween dy

    have a nice day captain

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe that Egyptians are mixed people. Of course, because of Arabic authority, there's Arabic language and other component of Arabic culture, a lot of people simply think Egyptians are just Arabic. I'd like to explain my view and if I am wrong, please feel free to correct me:

    Nobody can claim he's exactly and just and by all blood of exact nationality because of people's (ancestors') migrations in the past. People mixed with new-comes, and in the past, however, there were a lot of conquers that came. A lot of nations. So as I said, people mixed. So was with Egyptians. I believe that Egyptians are mixture of: Arabs, ancient Egyptians, Greeks,Turks, Romans and probably also the jewish slaves in ancient Egypt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'll copy and paste an answer of mine from a previous question:

    I am an Arab Egyptian. Egypt and Arab are one, no difference.

    I currently live in Education city, Doha, Qatar. There are lots of people from all over the world, I will list the countries of only my Arab friends: Egyptians, Saudis, Kuwaitis, Emiratis, Qataris, Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, and Lebanese.

    I have never imagined that all of us can be this united. I even have an Algerian neighbor living in the dorms with me, and during the Egyptian - Algerian fights, we were really close friends, he doesn't have bad feelings towards me and I don't have any bad feelings towards him. We even watched the Egyptian Algerian match together in the same room. And when news came of the fights, we were both sad that this could happen between Arab brothers.

    I see my self as Muslim---then--->Arab---then--->Egyptian

    Da hwa el wake3 beta3y.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all calm down

    Look at spain and latin america they are both latin/hispanic and share a language (spanish) and a majority religion (catholicism) even though they are diff. Races, spain being caucasian/european and latin america being mixed caucasian/africans/inidigenous ppl

    Just cuz recent politics are not in our favor it doesnt give us a right to deny our heritage. And i am talking about cultural heritage not spec. Racial or otherwise

    And dont tell me oh we arent arabs were "pharaonic" or w/e (made up term aslan) cuz we have an ancient civ. U dont see the iraqis going around calling themselves babylonians

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  • E.P
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    And what does this have to do with being an Arab or not ?

    Asln ya3ni...Nobody can prove his origins here in Egypt ..You may be a roman,greek,persian,arabic or even a turkish like many of people here ....

    As for me.. I'm proud of my arabian roots...

    If Egypt was a rich country..We would have done the same to them...da nezam w 2la kol el nas htroo7 hnak !!

    Edit :ana msh banahed wla 7aga...ma7desh by3ml e3tbar l 7aga wla le 7ad !! ana msh el nas el btmoot fel 3arab ya3ni ! bas fe nafs el wa2t makrahomsh..El 3arab mn 3'er masr mysawoosh 7aga ,...we masr delwa2ti mn 3'er el 3arab matsaweesh ay 7aga !!

    @Mazeeka : howa makansh fe taree2a azraf men de twada7y beeha weg-het nazrek ? 0.o

    @ Mahmoud : "I see my self as Muslim---then--->Arab---then--->Egyptian"" zayak bl zabt...

    Edit 2 : @ Passion : "We" de taret fe sanya !!!!

    2alak "We deny it" ...mhya 5erbt aslha 3lshan tetkklm 3la enak masri !

    Source(s): Arabian Pride...
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  • 1 decade ago

    so what benefit is this? being united is better than being alone. prophet Muhamad (S) was an Arab and he fought against the Arabs pagans. what really unite us is faith. we need to be united even if we don't like each other.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i havent read anything u wrot cuz i cant read this arabic english for long. a7'ry gomla awu etneen but to answer ur questionabout the egyptian \arab issue

    to be part of something , u have to 'belong' to that something. and i dont belong to the arabs culturally or socially. even if geographically ,even if i have the same lang or religion, i dont feel that they are a part of me.

    heya mesh 3afya. i dont feel it. and by the way they dont accept us as part of them either

    i am speaking from a phsycological point of view matter what politics say: i am not an arab.

    and i dont want to be!!!

    edit ----

    they are my brothers and sister in islam but still that doesnt make me an arab. like an indonesian muslum is my brother and sister in islam but that does not make me indonesian.


    with all due respect, but ولكن أكثر الناس لا يعلمون"does not mean people are idiots. it means thet do not know'the truth'....

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  • Do you even know what Arab is?

    a member of any Arabic-speaking people.

    Being Arab means sharing the same language and culture.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i do not know if Egyptians are arabic or not

    and i do not care

    for me

    i speak arabic

    i think arabic

    even when i write or speak english...i FIRST think in arabic and translate it to english in speaking or writing

    i also understand and speak all arabic accents (khaleg&sham)

    i feel them and they feel me

    we have common history and traditions and religion and same enemy

    what hurts them..hurts me

    as far as i know i am arabic

    but if i am not

    then i choose to be arabic

    and about the mansoora girl who answered this question

    do not think all people are like u or your grand mothers mal3oob feehom

    ana loony chocolate we 3enayya sooda

    and i am from mansoora from ashraf


    weldeen lellah we el watan legamee3

    Source(s): just how i feel
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