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What do people mean when they go 'Thank you Encyclopedia Brown!' What's the implication?

What's Encylopedia Brown?

I've noticed a lot of people use this when they're being sarcastic towards a know it all or someone who has a lot of information stored in their head.

I don't get it. When do you even use this saying?

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    long before wikipdia, there were encyclopedias! you actually had to look up information - it was not at your fingertips on the www. you practically answered your own question: it's a sarcastic remark to a know-it-all: someone with a lot of knowledge like in an encyclopedia. wy do they use the saying? it's a relatively creative remark - especially this day and age of technology.

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    "Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective" is a fictional book about a boy who is a detective.

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    may be i am not right but they can be expressing their gratitude to encyclopedia for the knowledge they have gained.. sort of respect for that

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