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Do you make an effort not to buy "Made In China" Products? Do you only buy "Made in USA" goods?

Do you make an effort not to buy "Made In China" Products? Do you only buy "Made in USA" goods?

It's one thing to whine about communism and liberals...but that is only half of the solution! We need to support our country and buy more of our products!

Put your money where your mouth is! Don't give your money to Communist China!

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    If I were an american I most certainly would buy american where I could...

    I'm an aussie... sometimes it is difficult to find AU made products. . But I always TRY to buy AU.

    When it comes to food, Canned/Frozen.. i buy Australian grown and owned.. my next Choice is New Zealand products...

    But Again .. If I were an american .. I WOULD buy american whenever and where ever I could..


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    10 years ago

    I ALWAYS make an effort to seek out US made products and Union goods when I can.

    I hate what Republicans and their Islamo-dictator and Communist bastard buddies did to our Country.

    One reason I like IKEA is almost all their products are made in Europe - almost nothing from China. Unlike WALMART which I will never set foot in so help me God because everything there comes from China.

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  • Ruth
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    4 years ago

    Wow, is this situation really that much about YOU? I think you should probably take your own advice on your "wise consumer decisions." Nobody really cares what you do, you aren't the center of the world, and as long as you remain stuck in that reactionary little world of yours, you are not going to have any positive impact in this world. Whether it involves trying to stimulate a chaotic system that has nothing to do with providing for people's needs, or it involves voting for a job outsourcer and a parasite as president. The center of the problem is capitalism. Look at how the economic decisions are made. There is a giant load of debt due to the inability of capitalism to PROVIDE for people, or to recover from it's actions. As a result, politicians get in the bed with the shadow banks and borrow money at interest, because leaving it to the capitalists only won't help them get votes from the workers. Now, this debt is coming back to haunt us. What now? You need to take a stance. Are you with the ruling class, or are you against it? Words aren't "left up to interpretation." Words have meanings. With that logic, people should be writing their own dictionaries. Again, you are demonstrating your reactionary politics. It's a basic fact of nature that economic systems DETERMINE people's survival and their decisions, not that other way around. Such intoxicating and delusional idealism serves only to confuse yourself, and the rest of the people that answer your questions. Telling people that it's up to the "individual" and that starvation and poverty is a way of life, doesn't carry us any further. I don't think you realize what this country is in for. Americans dont starve because they live off of the backs of other countries (who starve in order to provide Americans with goods), while also maintaining a lot of debt trying to "feed the poor children in America" and what not. Not only that, but 7 million people died during the Great Depression, mostly due to the affects of losing their investments and not having enough food to eat, while simultaneously not living in a home. It also, takes ALOT of malnutrition in order to starve. So it's not like America is some giant bread basket that continuously feeds its people. There are quite a few people in America that are what many call food insecure. That could just as easily happen in the United States when China's growth begins to slow down, the Euro collapses, leading to further economic decline. The credit rating agencies will see this economic decline, and they will downgrade the credit and so forth. After that, new shock doctrines will have to be put in place in order to continue "business as usual." People won't like that. And people didn't starve in hunter gather societies, which have existed for 99% of human existence. Your "established fact" is nothing but a farse that falls flat on its head when people begin to actually examine how human life is.

  • All i see is "Made In China" Products

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Americans have less disposable incomes in the last decade and fewer choices. We need strong American Jobs at reasonable wages so we can afford more than what Walmart has to offer.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It was the Republicans that made it more profitable to ship jobs to China. Why did you vote them in to office?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    As much as i can.

    We live in Mi. and refuse to shop Wal-Mart we shop Miejers instead and you can get some stuff still made here but most stuff is overseas junk.

  • 10 years ago

    Wait're telling me there are things that AREN'T made in China?


    lol. Look around your room. Check the tags. Everything is made in China dude.

  • Nothing is made in the USA anymore. Its all made in some commie country using kids as slave labor

  • 10 years ago

    Yeah I actually do, but not because of some trivial thing like that I do it because well Chinese products flat out suck, they are either defective or break pretty quick.

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