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急!!!! (會計)存貨錯誤之影響 20點

Condensed income statements for A company for two years are shown below.

20X8 20X7

Sales $250,000 $200,000

Cost of goods sold (150,000) (100,000)

Gross margin $100,000 $100,000

Operating expenses (60,000) (60,000)

Operating income $40,000 $40,000

After the end of 20X8,the company discovered that an error had resulted in an $15,000 under statement of the 20X7 ending inventory.

Compute the corrected operating income for 20X7 and 20X8,what effect will the error have on operating income and owner’s equity for 20X9?

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    銷售 25萬美元20萬美元


    毛利潤 100,000元100,000元


    營業收入$ 40,000 $ 40,000

    20X8年結束後,該公司發現的錯誤導致了一個 15000美元的聲明下的20X7年期末存貨。

    計算修正為 20X7年經營收入和20X8年,該錯誤會產生什麼影響對經營收入和所有者權益為 20X9年?


    20X7期末存貨多計,成本少記,盈餘多計, 股東權益多計

    20X8期初存貨多計,成本多記,盈餘少計, 股東權益少計

    20X9發現, 沒有影響

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