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I bought a new computer with only one VGA jack, but I have two monitors I want to use. Will a splitter work?

will this work?

Also, I want an extended desktop rather than duplicate images.


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    Splitters can only duplicate-- A splitter merely takes the signal for one monitor and duplicates it into two identical signals. They can NEVER run two monitors independently.

    You want to run two monitors independently in extended desktop mode, you need a video card that supports two monitors (assuming your computer has a PCIExpress 16x slot to accept a new video card).

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  • 10 years ago

    I simple splitter like that isn't going to let you have an extended desktop, it will only give you a duplicate image. You'll need a video card with two video outputs to have an extended desktop. You'll probably have to pay at least $50 but you can get a decent video card that can do this for you.

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