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Does a hot shower keep you cooler than a cold shower?

If you take a shower that is hotter than the environment then your body temperature would be raised, so when you get out everything seems cooler.


You could take a cold shower and really cool yourself down.

Now my question is which method would keep you cooler for a longer period of time? Does it take longer for your body to cool down to homeostasis or does it take longer for your body to warm up?

I'm just a college student who has to suffer the 900 degree temperatures of dorm life. I frequently take showers to try and cool myself down. I want to know the best method possible. Thanks!


No this is not a homework assignment for biology. I'm an Electrical Engineering undergrad (physics boy!) who hates all things chem/bio but loves how things work and weird little things like this. I just thought about it today and figured biology was the best category for it (better than 'skin care' like Yahoo gave me).

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    The hotter water cools you more in two ways....

    1] You perceive the water to be hotter then aclimatise to it. When you stop spraying hot water on you you feel cooler as your temperature is lower than it was.

    2] To help the above effect there is also the fact that in the process of evaporating the warmer water, your body sheds more heat, more quickly, than sweating might acheive. Research the process of heat exchange for more info.

    So yes, a hot shower will make you feel cooler. A bath can allow an even greater temperature adjustment. Helped most if you dry off with minimal towelling. As soon as you feel the hot water is 'normal' you will enjoy that cooling effect as you dry off.

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    Hot And Cold Showers

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    Take the cold shower. You'll perspire more with the hot shower which gives you the sense of coolness, but what you've done is raise your body temp. When I lived in a craphole like that, some days I would go buy a huge solid block of ice and put a fan behind it so it would blow the cool air on me. Its like a $1 a day cooling system. And make sure you put your ice in a aluminum pan or something.

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  • 10 years ago

    The PSU dorms suck. Only 1 more week to tough it out buddy

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