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Cognitive Disorders Question....?

Ernie is unable to transfer information into long-term memory due to a medical condition or long-term effect of a drug. Ernie's experience sounds most like:

a.dementia of Alzheimer's type.

b.amnestic disorder.



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    If Ernie has the ability to comprehend what he is hearing and is able to make correct short-term memory responses then aphasia is ruled out. Delerium has much more to do with cognition than it does with storage of long term memory. Both a drug induced amnestic disorder and dementia of an Alzheimer's type are possibilities but Alzheimer's patients are much more likely to have no short term memory and regress into adolescent or pre-adolescent memories of their own. So I would expect this problem to be more likely to be drug induced amnestic type of problem than any other. What psycotropics is Ernie on.

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